It All Started With A Planter

Monday, June 6, 2016

It seems we just had this conversation last week,
 ...didn't we?
How one little thing can cause an avalanche of redecorating.

In my last post, it all started with a pillow sham (or lack thereof),

This time it was a long forgotten planter...

Friday, I was putting away a few things that had accumulated 
on the counter in my laundry room.

The cabinets were getting full and cluttered,
 so it was due time to clean, purge, and reorganize.
It sure felt like Christmas going through the variety of stuff,
finding a lot of junk, Christmas serving pieces,
 even a crock pot I'd forgotten.
Also came across the red glass bowl, that will be perfect for 
a 4th of July party, and the planter, above.

I've always been fond of the planter, 
so I thought, why not find a place to use it again.

I figured on top of the small china cabinet would be a great place.
The arrangement was long overdue for tweaking.

Before I started, a plant was needed for the planter,
 so I ran across town to Walmart
to get a small Bromeliad I'd seen earlier in the week.

After I played around with different vignettes,
 I remembered why the planter had been banished to the cabinet,
...the colors.

When we moved into our home, Tuscan was popular,
featuring reds, dark greens, and golden yellows.
As much as I loved the planter, I'd years ago rid my home of red,
and it just wasn't playing well with my current colors.

When you live an hour from any store offering decor other than 
Walmart or Big Lots, if the decorating bug hits you spur of the moment,
you've got to shop your home!

And that's just what I did...
raiding my storage closet, dragging out all sorts of items.

I have to admit,
I grew frustrated, as each conglomeration seemed to fall short.

Finally, I settled on what you'll see in the next few pictures.

The Bromeliad goes well in the old pottery vase, fitting perfectly,
with a little moss added to cover the bare soil.

I love Bromeliads!
I purchased one right after Christmas, and here it is June,
...still pretty and healthy!

You can see it {here}!

While at Walmart,
I also bought a yard and a quarter of the pretty Waverly fabric
to make a new table topper for the table.

Sweet little Mother-of-pearl and brass apple,
a thrifty find...

I've been watching the ceramic white lantern at Walmart
since they put out their summer collection.

Friday it had been marked down.
Had to find a home for it!  :)

...I realize this post is beginning to sound like a Walmart pitch, ha!
Not my intentions, but as I said before,
 not a large selection of shopping to choose from in my small town.

The plant from the table was moved to the cabinet.

I'm keeping my eye open for a plate to probably replace the bee one,
but for now, it works.
I'm considering a solid white aged-looking one, with a really pretty raised border.

As for the beloved planter,
it now rests in the future yard sale pile.

But who knows,
by the time I get around to having one,
it may be rescued once again!  :)

Thanks for visiting!
Prayers are with all of those affected by the rains and flooding
that has been, and is anticipated in the next few days!
Take care, ya'll!


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  1. I need to go to Walmart now!! Love the white lantern and the Bromeliad. You're so good!

  2. Wow Rhonda, you really have a nack for interior decorating! I love the way you decorated the table & your house is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J&J!
    Enjoy the week.

  3. I love bromeliads...I used to have many of them in my patio area in Florida...they grew so well I think I need to look for a faux one as yours looks so beautiful in the planter. Your home is always so beautiful!!

  4. OMG Rhonda, I've got the same exact mother-of-pearl and brass apple! My sister gave it to me for her last Christmas. She's been gone 18 years and I will never get rid of my apple. I love your post, but the apple really caught my eye. :)

  5. Rhonda, thanks for the inspiration about bromeliads. I haven't thought of purchasing one in years, and I have always loved them, and what a great lantern from Walmart. I love the little planter that didn't make the cut, because I have never tired of the Tuscan or Provencal golds, reds, greens. Love your home! Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. Very pretty Rhonda, I love bromelaids too, it's one plant I can't kill :) I also love the white lantern, I swear Walmart has cute stuff these days! I love to go on a spree there and pick up everything I need, plus the darn store is so big I usually clock in a couple of miles walking! Both your vignettes are so fresh and summery-

  7. This is so great ! I love this post. :)

    I would love for you to add this to my Recipes and Crafts Facebook Group:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  8. Rhonda, I know exactly what you mean by "one thing leads to another". But I find some of best decorating inspiration has come from spur of the moment decisions. Thank you for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

  9. Rhonda, I am the queen-of-one-thing-leads-to-another! Thank you for sharing your charming vignettes at Vintage Charm!

  10. I wanna' come to your yardsale!!!! I still haven't left the reds/golds/greens behind, and your planter is lovely!! Meanwhile, I think your "new" d├ęcor is beautiful! I love plants and white dishes/vases/pitchers, so what is not to like??
    Blessings to you and thanks for sharing,


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