Sunday, June 22, 2014

NC's 301 Endless Yard Sale

Last week a fellow vendor shared the news with me about an upcoming event,
...The 301 Endless Yard Sale!

Sounds like "heaven on earth," right? 
IT WAS!!!  :)

The 301 Endless Yard Sale ran along Hwy 301
through four counties in NC,
Halifax, Wilson, Johnson,  and Harnett.

In it's second year,
the yard sale was patterned after The 127 Longest Yard Sale
and HGTV's "Flea Market Flip."

From right outside of Dunn to Selma,
the amount of roadside yardsales was insane and overwhelming!
(In a good way!)

We went on Friday and didn't get started until 12.
Unfortunately I had a few things to do earlier that morning. 
Next year I'll be hitting the trail much earlier.

The next few pictures are of my finds.
There were many places and items I intended on going back for,
but time and the rain hindered that. 

Got this chair for practically free, which my husband said was too much! Ha!
But I loved the lines, it was super sturdy, and I immediately had a vision for it!

The four handmade bonnets were another great deal,
and remind me of my Grandma Maybell who made many of these years ago.
They will be heading to my booth soon!

Cute little vintage Japan Rooster and Chicken set...

Love the print below, but it has a few rough spots and scratches
and will probably be transformed into a chalkboard. 

A sewing box full of old notions...

The vintage quilted bear was one of my favorite finds,
but he smelled a little less than sanitary.
Unfortunately I washed him and the dark spots appeared, 
...worsening the drier he gets.
He might not make it.

 I bought him from a sweet, witty older lady.
She marked the tag... "real good bear boy."  
Most of the vendors were very nice and personable!
I enjoyed talking "junk" with them!

The first piece I bought of the day was the beautiful nautical tray,
...may be a keeper! 

The next picture isn't the most attractive,
but my husband got the best deals of the day!
One was this pristine, "like new" gaming seat for $100,
which new cost over $1300!
We had one happy boy when we got home!

The ride along Hwy 301 was quite enjoyable itself,
many beautiful homes and quaint old towns to view.
Several old "Motorcourts" still in business,
which made me think of a few Mary Kay Andrew's books.

The last picture is of a particular home we fell in love with along the trail,
one we'd like to pattern the farm house after.
Wish I could've gotten a few more detailed pictures!

Maybe I'll meet some of you on the trail... Hwy 301, next year!

Until then... Happy junkin' ya'll!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Candyland Christmas Tree

 Even though Christmas has passed, and many have, ...or are in the throes of putting away their decor, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to share my sister-in-law's super cute Candyland theme tree.

Her office was issued a challenge by another office to pick a theme and then decorate for Christmas accordingly.   I'm not sure what the winning team won, maybe just bragging rights!   Leighann's tree brought home the victory,  and rightly so!  She's a talented decorator!  I'll have to share her home with you all one day.

Is this tree gorgeous or what, love all the whimsical touches!
...and the sweet gingerbread accents, certainly over the top!

They placed colored squares in a pattern on the wall around the room leading to the tree to represent Candyland game squares.

A pretty swag was added over the office window...

My SIL has a large collection of ribbon!

Swag over another window...

Job well done, Leighann!  :)

On another note, while looking for after-Christmas bargains at our local Walmart last weekend, I ran across this delightful little book.  It wasn't on sale, but was slightly discounted as many of their books are.  Beautifully illustrated, it will be a family Christmas keepsake!

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed New Years!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Wishing all a very Merry
and blessed Christmas!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vintage Christmas Kitchen 2013

Many a memories are made in the kitchen at Christmas. 

From recreating famous recipes of late loved ones, to big family meals, to gingerbread house masterpieces lovingly made by the children,  to just a gathering place, kitchens are special places.

And the kitchen is my favorite,  and always the first, to decorate for the season. 
This year I used a lot of vintage items, which add such character!

Atop an old butcher block sits my gingerbread themed tree, a nutcracker chef, and a vintage Lance Jar filled with old tin cookie cutters and colored ornaments.

A recent auction find, the old copper pot is the perfect container for the red poinsettia.

Another Lance Jar paired with an old scale.

The antique ice chest is the center of another Christmas vignette. Three ironstone pitchers, from my collection hold trees, one being well over 100 years from the late 1800's.

...and I just love the red vintage elf, ...a joyful little fellow!

An old prim pitchfork is decked as well!

On another note, my family and my husband's sister's family just returned from a trip to Disney World.  Everything was enchanting, magical,  and beautifully decorated for Christmas.  But to borrow on a similar popular quote,  "You can take the girl out of the Junk, but not the Junk out of the girl," ...Saturday morning I got up early, left the others in the hotel beds, and went junking.  :)  I found a couple of estate sales and yard sales.    I was doing the happy dance when I came across nine boxes of vintage ornaments, along with some other great stuff.  I'll probably store them til next year when I decide what to sell and what to keep.

Don't you just love them???

...until next time, Rhonda

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Very Merry mini Christmas Home Tour 2013

"Something about Christmas time,
that makes you wish it was Christmas everyday..."
                                         (-Bryan Adams)

Seven days until Christmas!'s creeping upon us quickly!
That saddens me a little, I certainly would like to enjoy it for a little while longer.

But nonetheless, I'll value that time remaining with family as we savor this festive season while reflecting on the the true meaning of Christmas.

One aspect I love about Christmas is "decking the halls."
If you follow my blog, you may notice I changed things this year, 
which was fun!

The foyer table was the only area that didn't receive a new look,
just a few minor changes.

Over the years, I've gone from a 12' artificial,  to a live, smaller tree,
to this 15 (give or take a few) years old 8' artificial in this spot.
I wanted to finish my decorating before Thanksgiving,  due to planned traveling afterwards,, out came the oldie stand-by, which consequently had to be restrung entirely with new lights.

Loving the two new glam pillows from Stein Mart!

I have a thing for pillows,  I'll admit!
The festive bulldog one below, was a junkin' find last year in Burlington,  NC.

The tree was anchored in an old slighty rusted metal tub.

The pretty Waterford Star Ornament was found recently by my MIL at a local thrift store.

The vignette atop the piano includes two vintage toy trucks, 
a Tonka and Buddy L.

And this is my favorite Christmas decoration... the retro toy pedal car decked out for the season.

Isn't it precious?!?

Maybe, just maybe,
...Santa will fix my "technical problems" for Christmas,
and I can once again blog from my laptop, ...with edited pictures.
...I can dream...

Until then, bear with me!  :)

I'll be back Friday to share a few shots from my kitchen.


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