Out With The Old... In With The New! Refreshing Container Gardens

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The birds are singing sweet, melodic tunes this morning,
as I enjoy a cup of coffee, a bagel, and the sights of healthy, new plants in pots on the porch.

My garden containers were overdue for refreshing.
I purposely put replanting them off a little longer than usual this year.
I wasn't sure Mr. Ramblings and Mr. Ramblings, Jr, 
 would give them much attention while I was away on my trip.
...afraid I would come back come to this...
what I already had!  ha!

The topiary didn't survive the winter.
But the plants that shared the pot, were coming back nicely.

This year, I decided for this area, to stick mainly to different variations of greenery
with just a little pop of color... the blue flowers.

First, the heavy clump of roots, dirt, and the dead tree had to come out.
Had to use a little muscle... gracious, was it ever heavy!

After trying to pry the viable plants from the gnarled mess with a shovel and by hand,
a grabbed a serrated kitchen knife and began carving out chunks.
...worked like a charm!

Filled the pot with the chunks around the tree...

Added potting soil, ...looking so much better!

For no reason, other than it was the size bag I needed,
I bought a bag of ORGANIC Choice Miracle Gro potting soil.
It smelled like pure cow patties, which was quite difficult to rid my hands of the scent!

Brought back memories, the challenge of dodging cow dung to cross a vast pasture
 to get to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my grandparents Mc's farm!
As a child, it was a game!
It's lost it's appeal over the years! ha!

The other two pots received healthy new plants as well.

A few more planters around my home...
the beautiful Asparagus Fern was a birthday gift from a friend.
They have become kind of hard to find in our area.

I love them, 
they take the heat well, and will potentially come back next year.

The Angel Wing Begonias remind me of my beloved Grandma B.
We shared a mutual fondness for them!

Two Macho Ferns by the back doors, in urns on either side.
The same friend that gave me the Asparagus Fern, introduced me to Macho Ferns.
They've become a favorite of mine!

I shared the container garden on the front porch, below, back in February, filled with pansies.

White geraniums replaced pansies that were looking a little ragged.

The pansies I replaced were all white,
but I noticed a blue one has volunteered, peeking out among the geraniums.

Scaling back on my container gardens this year,
I won't have as much time to take care of too many.

But I do enjoy them,
...their beauty brings joy throughout the summer!

Hope you all are having a great week!
Thanks for stopping in to visit!  :)


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Brighten Your Desk With A Clipboard Bursting With Beautiful Blooms

Sunday, April 24, 2016

For the first time in my 40-something years, I have a desk job.

I really have adapted much better than I anticipated.
Being a dominant right brain-creative soul as opposed to an analytical lefty,
I've found that making my space pretty sure helps the doldrums of pushing papers all day.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a decoupage pot project I created,
inspired by a post from The Snug I ran across trending on Facebook,

Along with the pot, another of the projects were decoupaged clipboards.

{Photo above and below borrowed from The Snug Post}
decoupage clipboards

Now wouldn't they just be some kind of fabulous to hold my otherwise bland notepad!

For my clipboard project, I grabbed a bottle of Mod Podge from my craft closet...

...after hitting the local Walmart for fabric, a clipboard,...

...and a pretty set of buttons.

I traced the shape of the clipboard onto the fabric,
and after cutting it out, adhered it in place with Mod-Podge,
and topped with several more coats.


The blue and green beautiful blooms are certain to add a little cheer to my little work space!

If you missed the Weekend Crafting - Floral Decoupage Pot Post,
check it out {HERE}

Hope you all have a great week,
and are able to carve out a little time for creating!  :)


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Strawberry Season - Decorating & Recipe

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Strawberry Season is upon us down south in the Tarheel State.

And although I'm not particularly fond of artificial strawberry flavor,
the actual sweet, juicy red berry itself, I love!

How lucky for me,
Chadbourn, NC, where strawberries are king!

I headed over Saturday for several quarts of fresh, locally grown berries.

Just like any good southern town, Chadbourn has a festival celebrating "something."

 Chadbourn has been paying homage to the strawberry since 1926,
hosting The NC Strawberry Festival the first weekend of May, annually.
Over the years, it has evolved into the largest agricultural festival in the state.

And as fate may have it...
When I was fifteen, I ran for The NC Strawberry Festival Princess.

A long-weekend competition,
all the princess and queen contestants took part in each of the festival's events.

One activity being the parade, having to arrange for our own transportation.

It just so happened,
 Mr. Ramblings had a gorgeous blue corvette with t'tops...
 perfect to ride atop through the crowded streets,
doing a one handed queen wave, with a smile pasted in place for several miles.
You get the picture, right?  :)

But being that Mr. Ramblings was a few years older,
 I was much too shy to speak to him.

My dad knew his dad, and after my persistence, 
he called to inquire if Mr. Ramblings would drive me in the parade.

He did, ...we barely spoke two sentences to each other...
and about eight years later, we met up again and have now been married 23 years!

Modern day love story, huh?

Look at the size of these beauties! 

...perfectly paired with vintage Strawberry Fair plates, by Johnson Brothers.

I also have fond memories of picking Strawberries.

I went often with my parents.
My dad would tease, that I ate so many strawberries while in the field,
that the owners were going to weigh me in, ...and out!  
 I fear I ate as many as I put in the buckets.

Now I take the easy route, and buy berries from the stands,
but when Ashley was a toddler, we carried on the tradition of berry pickin'.

The strawberry inspired vignette, below, happened quite by accident.

When taking down my Easter decor,
I ran across the vintage strawberry plate below tucked in the old icebox.

I did notice the plate had a little blue in it,
but without a much thought, I grabbed it to add with the Mid-Century blue vases.

I found the blue vases at Carolina Country Peddlers Mall,
in a booth across from my previous one, several years ago.

They rest in the perfect spot to catch the morning light,
giving them a "happy illumination."

After searching through Pinterest for a low-carb Strawberry Dessert,
I came across two that I combined.

The filling and topping originated from Joy's, Jots, Shots, & Whatnots',
The crust was derived from Ketorach's, Keto Strawberry "Pretzel" Salad.

It's very much like a Strawberry Pretzel Salad,
without the carbs and calories, and turned out really well!

I suppose I should have warned ya"ll this was going to be a long post...
forgive my lack of manners!  :)

And thanks for hanging in til the end!
I'll be taking a little trip for a few days, mid week.
My birthday is Wednesday,
and Ashley and I will celebrating in "the city that never sleeps!"

Hope you all have a great week!
Be back soon!


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