"You'll Never Get To Heaven if You Break My Heart" - A Versatile Lantern For the Seasons Valentines Edition

Sunday, February 7, 2016

just maybe you're wondering about the snazzy title of this post?

For an early Valentines Day Celebration,
Mr. Ramblings and I went to see the Stylistics in concert Friday night.

These guys might be in their sixties, 
but they've still got it going on... amazing vocals and smooth dance moves!

One of their many hit wonders,
 "You'll Never Get To Heaven if You Break My Heart,"
has been running through my mind as I prepared this post... hence the title.
Hearts... Valentines... you get the picture, right?  :)

Back in late November, my post, A Versatile Lantern For The Seasons,
featured the lantern below I found at Ollie's, dressed for Christmas...

...and Fall.

As I was scoping out the Christmas ornaments during the annual
 New Years Day Sale at Dillards, I ran across the pretty glass hearts, below.
They were originally $7.00, but at 75% off, only cost $1.75 each.
I purchased a few, with updating the lantern in mind for Valentines.

To complete the look, 
I added a bag of crumpled brown paper package filler from Dollar Tree,
and a sprig of greenery from Michaels (half price).

Reused the bow from Christmas, just tucked the greenery above and below it.


On the foyer table, the lantern was paired with a sweet, small Waterford Vase
 filled with Baby's Breath, and a cut-glass sphere.

 Illuminated by the glow of a little lamp lighting...

A sneak peek of the ribbon I bought at the Salvage Sister's Show a couple of weekends ago, 
inspiration for when it comes time to style the lantern for Easter/Spring, stay tuned...

But in the meantime,
I'll leave you with this little poem...

Roses are red,
 Violets are blue,
My life is blessed because you are here, that has to be said,
and I hope you all have a Happy Valentines, too!


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Sugar Cookie M&M's Bars - Quick & Perfect For Super Bowl and Valentines Parties

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

During the Holidays,
it seemed every time I pulled my Facebook up,
a recipe for Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie M&M's Bars popped on my screen.

After trying them once, they became my "go-to, need-a-dessert-quick fix!"
They're simple, quick, and so very delicious.
And easily come out of the pan... like literally every time!

I made about 3 batches for Christmas, to give away to friends.
...and whipped up a pan for my daughter's ski trip a couple of weeks ago.

Only five ingredients make up these sweet treats.

Combine a pouch of Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, with melted butter, 
and an egg.   (See exact measurements below).

Add M&M's and white vanilla baking chips.

Press into a cooking oil sprayed pan.

Allow the bars to completely cool, ... then cut, and enjoy!

The bars could be customized for the holidays or occasion with seasonal colored 
mixes of M&M's, such as pink and red M&M's available at Valentines,
or pastels at Easter.

And if you really want to blow your Super Bowl Party Guests' socks off,
and have an It's Sugar Candy Store nearby, or order specific colors online,
...support your favorite team by sporting their colors in a batch of these.

Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie M&M's Bars

1 (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 egg
1 cup M&M's
1 cup white vanilla baking chips

Heat over to 350 degrees. Spray bottom of a 13x9 pan with cooking spray.
In a large bowl, mix cookie mix, butter, and egg with a spoon until soft dough forms.
Stir in 1/2 cup of M&M's and the white vanilla baking chips.
Press dough into pan, sprinkling the remainder of candies on top.
Bake 22-24 minutes, or until golden brown.
Cool completely and cut into bars.

I'm not a big Super Bowl kinda gal,
but it is pretty exciting our home state team will be playing!
So if you're hosting a Super Bowl party, or taking a dessert to another's,
give these bars a try.

You'll score "a touchdown" with the guests...
I promise!  :)


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Turning Beloved Vintage Rust Into A Calendar Collection

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I'm a collector of vintage,
Mr. Ramblings is a collector of vintage.
...a hobby shared can be both a blessing and a curse...a blessing not so much.

We certainly understand each other's passion for collecting old stuff,
and we support one another in our quests.

However, as the stuff multiplies (x 2), and the collections escalate, 
 we have to be careful that our home doesn't qualify for an episode of Hoarders,
and we often seem to teeter on that edge.  ha!

If you're a collector, married to a collector, I'm sure you can identify!

Mr. Ramblings has quite a collection of old automotive
 and vintage farm goods and memorabilia, including old trucks and tractors.
Nothing turns that man on, like the smell of rust and oil!  ;)

Mr. Ramblings, below, with our daughter and niece...

Several Christmases ago,
I surprised Mr. Ramblings with a calendar made from pictures 
I had taken of some of his vintage tractors.

That man of mine is very hard to buy for...
 Christmas and birthday gifts are always a challenge.

When asking him what he wanted this past Christmas, 
he stated his favorite gift I'd given him to date, was the calendar.

So I broke out the camera, headed to the farm, 
and took several shots of his old Chevy trucks.
The pictures were edited, compiled, and then submitted to Vistaprint online.
Simple, easy, relatively quick process, and my Christmas gift was complete.

The pictures were edited on PicMonkey, 
and we were very pleased with the quality of them printed in the calendar.

The calendar was less than $10, plus shipping.










A few more shots from around the farm, and some of the trucks that didn't make the cut.

Call me crazy, but I see beauty, albeit in an unusual sense,
 in the patina and various shades of the worn paint.
Mr. Ramblings is rubbing off on me!

Wonder whose hands left behind the long forgotten Pepsi bottle, below?

The farm has been in Mr. Ramblings family for over 100 years.
Lord willing, we'll retire there in a few years, and make it our home.
We are both really looking forward to that!

Please let me disclose,
this post was not sponsored by Vistaprint.
I have, however, used their services for many customized projects,
and have always been pleased with the outcome and cost.

I hope you all are staying warm, wherever you may be!
Looks like we're in for a chilly weekend across the nation!
Take care!  :)


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