Welcoming Our Guests at Christmas

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas is the season of hospitality, ...and we're so glad to welcome family and friends into our home, whether by front door or back!  That's exactly where the Christmas Tour of my home will begin, at the entry ways!  

I'm thrilled to be sharing Part One of my Home Tour along with 20 some other very talented bloggers this week in the Holiday Home Tour Blog Hop, so graciously hosted by Chloe, of Celebrate & Decorate. For wonderful, festive, "let's get your shine on" inspiration, be sure to check out the other tours, links located at the end of the post. And a big jolly thanks to Chloe for organizing and hosting!

So step on in... we'll enter through the front doors of my home!

The ornate table and mirror was the first piece of furniture we purchased for our home eleven years ago.  The foyer table and an antique wood icebox in my kitchen receive a new look the most often, ever revolving with the seasons and holidays.

The monogram "wreath" hanging from the mirror, was a project crafted last year.

The Santa fondly reminds me of my step-father-in-law. Looks just like him, and he's a sweet, jolly ol' fella, too!

Poinsettia, not traditional red... but isn't it so pretty in pink?

If you were to come in by way of our back door, you'd step right into the living room. The fireplace is the focal of the room. 

The white and silver shiny penguin, new for this year, was the inspiration for the mantel Christmas vignette. What can I say, ...I'm just head over heels for this dashing guy! Love at first sight, it was! ;)

Old Dazey Butter Churn overflowing with festive greenery...

Top of the TV Armoire... The flag from my FIL's funeral always remains in this spot. He loved Christmas, especially the twinkling, sparkly lights of the season! Without fail, every year he would spend an entire week prepping and cooking for our Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve. Miss him even more at this time of year.

Nativity on the coffee table...

Just beyond the living room, a glimpse of the Christmas tree can be seen, which I'll share in Part Two of my Christmas Home Tour next week.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit! 
Hope your Christmas is off to a very Merry start! :)

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Traveling a Little Further Down South for Our Anniversary & A Holiday Home Tour Blog Hop

Monday, December 5, 2016

Today marks 24 years since Mr. Ramblings and I exchanged "I do's," but our celebrating began a few days earlier, on Friday.  Forget romantic fancy, gourmet meals by candlelight! Nothing says love in the south, like sharing good, southern comfort food on a cold day with your honey!  Our favorite place to do just that is in Mullins, SC, at Webster Manor Bed and Breakfast.  

The pictures were taken with my cell, and don't capture the beauty and charm of this place as it should.  For Mr. Ramblings and I, visiting Webster's is like taking a trip back to our grandparent's home.  The delicious, hardy food reminiscent of the best meals we've had. ...traveling back in time, capturing all the warm feelings of nostalgia.

The downstairs of the old quaint southern home is set for the restaurant.  At Christmas, it is transformed with grand, lush festive decorations. I would have loved to taken more pictures, but didn't want to disturb the other guests.

After lunch while traveling down the main strip of Mullins, we discovered a new vintage store had opened... The Barn.

The Barn offers unique repurposed decor, and for really great prices!

I was tempted to bring this pretty rustic wood bed home for my son!  At $499, seemed like a deal.

So many one-of-a-kind, custom made pieces!

Reclaimed barn wood for sale for DIY projects.

Mr. Ramblings was fascinated by these wood chases for the lake house.

The Barn offered a large selection of new vintage, farm looking linens for beds and windows.  I found something in this area... but more on that in a later post!

If you travel close to Mullins, be sure to schedule it for around lunchtime at Webster's.  For such a small town, there are several amazing restaurants in the area.   Afterwards, stop in and do a little shopping at The Barn.  We spoke with the shop owner for awhile, but didn't get his name... what a shame.  He was a friendly guy, as was his wife who just opened The Brew, a sweet coffee shop right across the road.  I unfortunately was too full from lunch to try any of her coffees or pastries, but the aroma was heavenly! As they tell it, they were just driving through the town, noticed an empty building for sale, and the rest is history.  They have already invested a lot of their heart and time into revitalizing a part of Mullins, which I think it wonderful!

On another note...
The Holiday Home Tour Blog gets underway today!  Five days of festive homes, decked out for Christmas!  I'll be back on Thursday with a few glimpses of mine! See y'all then!  :)






The Most WonDEERful Time of the Year Table Setting

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What better way to kick off the Christmas Season, than by teaming up with 22 talented bloggers to present beautiful, festive table settings.  Christmas is the perfect time for entertaining for just a few, or a multitude... but a pretty table is a must! A big thanks to Chloe, of Celebrate & Decorate, for organizing and hosting The Holiday Tablescape Blog Hop! We're on day 4 of the hop, and so far the tables have been stunning! 

Come along and dine with me, for The Most WonDEERful Time of The Year...

I just love the thought process of creativity, and am always amazed at what inspires myself and others. Several months ago, my daughter bought a few yards of the gray and white flannel material, below. She had a project in mind, but it triggered something entirely different in mine... a holiday tablescape.

I could only imagine how well the warm, cozy fabric would compliment a set of white deer from a Christmas past.

Needing holiday plates with gray in them, I was browsing the aisles of china at HomeGoods when I came across the Royal Stafford Asiatic Pheasant Gray Salad Plates.  They could be used anytime of the year, and coordinated with Mr. Rambling's grandmother's Imperial Whitney China.

For a pop of color and a little cheer, traditional Christmas red was added, with printed napkins and vintage ruby red sherbet dishes.

Fresh, woodsy cedar for each place setting...

I sure hope the Holiday Tablescape will be enDEERing to my guests! ;)

Be sure to visit the other bloggers and their fabulously festive set tables...






Next week we're in for another inspiring treat, a Holiday Home Tour Blog Hop!


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