Dollar Tree Succulents & White Milk Glass DIY Project

Thursday, June 9, 2016

When I bought my first home,
on the back steps of the house that had been vacant for years
sat an old crumbling terra cotta pot of hen and biddies.

From that moment forward,
I developed a fondness for succulents.
But sadly, succulents are not my forte.

From a long line of green thumbs,
I do pretty well myself with most plants, inside or out,
but succulents... not so much!
Mine over time, get diseased looking.

So what's a succulent-challenged gal to do?
How about just wing it... with some trusty fauxs.

And at Dollar Tree, I found some in little individual pots,
perfect for grouping in a larger vessel.

Grabbed several white milk glass planters from my stash
to play around with...

After I determining which would work best,
I added a piece of foam to the planter
 and pulled the succulents from their tiny homes.

The foam piece also came from The Dollar Tree,
and was the perfect size and shape.

At Dollar Tree, I found dried moss and little pebbles.
Torn between which to use as a filler,
I went with the moss.

But either would've been a pretty choice!

And about 7 minutes from start to finish,
my DIY faux succulent arrangement is complete!
Don't you just love those simple quickies!

A couple of years ago,
Mr. Ramblings ran into Dollar Tree with me,
 ...his first visit, ever.

He was amazed at all the items,
that were a dollar...
and kept asking me... "is this only a dollar, too!?!"

"Yep, just a dollar," I replied to my otherwise really smart man,
"...there's your sign (pointing to the store sign)."

And that was his last trip... he's not much of a shopper!  :)

While at Dollar Tree,
I also picked up two stems of pale pink flowers to go in another milk glass piece. the inset of darker pink peeking from the centers.

Stay tuned to see where these pretties will be used...
That's on deck for next Wednesday or Thursday!

I'll be taking a short blogging break until then...

Heading out this morning to go to my daughter's,
to help her pack for a move this weekend!

Hope ya'll have a great one,
and thanks for stopping in!  :)


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  1. Rhonda, these are great! I've been contemplating buying some faux succulents for our Louisiana house, since we aren't there often. These would be perfect to work with. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your blog break!

  2. Its amazing what us Southern girls can do with a few Dollar Store items and milk glass. Beautiful.

  3. As soon as you said Dollar Tree, you grabbed my attention. I had looked at the small succulents but they didn't look that good alone. Now in your groups they look awesome! Got to go get some.

  4. This is so cute! I am succulent challenged as well! lol I was just looking at those succulents the other day when I stopped at the dollar store. I am going to have to go back for them now!

  5. Gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration! I love these! ;)

  6. Aren't you the clever one! Don't work too hard this weekend, it's too hot!

  7. love these been looking for some that don't cost alot will check the dollar stores love the display thanks for sharing have a great day

  8. I need to get to Dollar Tree stat! I thought your first arrangement was real. The sweet accents you added truly made it. Thank you for so faithfully joining us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You are a treasured blogging friend.

  9. I love faux succulents and I love milk glass so this project is a win win for me!
    Enjoy your sweet weekend with your daughter.
    And then come home safely, take advil and rest!

  10. Rhonda, I was in Dollar Tree yesterday! Love the succulents in your milk glass. Just amazing what can be done in little time and not much money! Enjoy helping your daughter! Blessings~ Pam @ Everyday Living

  11. You did a great job making your faux succulents look way more expensive. I don't have a green thumb and have learned over the years that faux is the way to go :)

  12. Rhonda, I love all your milk glass vases and containers. There's just so much you can do with them. Thank you for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

  13. Beautiful . . . It's amazing what you can get at Dollar Tree.

  14. Milk glass and faux succulents for $1--doesn't get much better than that--well maybe if MY Dollar tree had them ;) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm, pinning!

  15. Rhonda these look adorable! I'm all for faux rewarding ;-) Mimi xxx

  16. Wow Rhonda your faux plants are so pretty and look real! I will have to check out the Dollar Tree store!
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial at our Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.

  17. You have to admit that it's pretty amazing what you can get for $1.00 in that store. You never know what you will find but sometimes it's exactly what you need.

    Your little arrangements are darling!

  18. I'm IN LUV...going to our Dollar Tree soon

  19. Oh these are so cute!! I love this idea!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for Recipes and Crafts:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  20. Your faux succulents look great! I'm off to see if our Dollar Tree has them.

  21. Boy do I ever love what you did with faux succulents. I looked at both our $trees but what little they had of fauxs were pretty grungy looking, torn up.
    Luckily I have kept alive 4 different succulents, and hens/chicks we brought with us from western KY. Now we live few miles west of Grand Junction, CO and have expanded my variety of succulents. Have few more would like to grow. In winter kept all I have by back west window and they did beautifully.
    Even have a seeded geranium I got 2 yrs. ago at City Mkt in summer. Also have small Mum plant gotten at City Mkt. this fall which is doing great at same window. I am pretty lazy about taking care of any plants so think must be western light and our dry climate. Who knows.
    If I tried to make faux's look as pretty as you did, aaakkk, lol.
    Am drooling over your gorgeous milk glass pieces. Do you have several? Have you been collecting them for while? Would love to see photo of your milk glass and how you decorated with them.
    I started collecting milk glass without realizing and have two shelves full. Found two vases this week, one at Habitat and one at Goodwill today, a nice hobnail vase. How do you know what is real milk glass and what are phonies? Love how it's such a light pretty collectible especially for summer.
    Would love to collect white stoneware pitchers but they aren't very seen here and if they are, wow the prices. So I'll stay with my sweet milk glass which are much more affordable.
    Have wonderful rest of week and weekend.


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