Happy Halloween

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Another season of Trick or Treating has come and gone.


As the crowd dwindled down, we turned out our lights,
and Mr. Ramblings and I headed for McDonald's for a treat of our own.

Gone are the years of taking my own sweet babies around the neighborhood.
Every one of their precious little costumes and antics are vividly recalled memories.
I miss those days... sigh of melancholy!

The ghosts, goblins, princesses, and superheroes
 that graced my front porch this year were very polite,
which encouraged me to give them more treats.

You really can attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

And I have to say, costumes have come a long way.
Kids today haven't lived without sweating behind the mask of a plastic costume,
with an elastic rubber band cutting into the back of your head, getting tangled in your hair! 
Those fabulous "costumes in a box" of the 70's!  ha! 

How was the trick or treating in your neck of the woods?
Hope you all have a spooktacular night,
and enjoy that extra hour of sleep (daylight savings time)!



  1. Beautiful front porch, Rhonda! This is the first year that my son hasn't gone trick-or-treating. He hasn't worn a costume in a few years, but I felt so melancholy, today, too. Ah, well, they do grow up.

  2. No doubt about the costumes improving. We had several kids come to our door with blow up costumes that had motors. So cute!!

    Your porch is amazing.

  3. We had a light night of trick or treating, due to the threat of bad weather. So sad, but . . . more candy for me!
    You have beautiful decorations!

  4. Pretty porch! We had something very unusual happen this year -- parts of our state actually had Halloween on Friday (no rain in forecast) rather than Saturday (forecast torrential rains, and rain it did, in buckets!) My two were away at college -- I sure do miss those days of trick-or-treating with them.

  5. First, Rhonda, I want to thank you for your sweet comments and your continued prayers for our family....both are so very much appreciated.

    Your front porch looks beautiful! My kiddos were little in the 70's, too, but we only bought into those commercial costumes once. They hated the masks and the costumes didn't even make it much past the school costume parade and Halloween night. I made all the rest of their costumes. Our neighborhood here in AZ is full of young families (we are some of the "oldsters"), and everyone sets up their treats and chairs in their driveways to pass out candy. A lot of the neighbors will take a few minutes here and there to pop around and talk with one another.....Halloween usually signals the end of hot weather, and everyone is moving outside again! We easily had 150+ trick-o-treaters, and at least 95% of them said "thank you." Truly restores my faith in humanity and good wholesome values!


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