Week 2(1/2) with Tickle, The Elf on the Shelf

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One week until Christmas!
Can you believe it?

I'm going to have to post a post a day,
if I'm to share the rest of my Christmas decor.

But first,
my family and I have had a ball with Tickle, The Elf of the Shelf!

He's proved to be a mischievous and witty little fellow!

For Week One of Tickle's Adventures, visit this {POST}.

Week Two, Day Eight,
 began with Tickle borrowing Leonardo's blue cape,
for some Ninja time with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The quote above, comes from Diemon Dave,
who has a self-made Ninja School Video on Youtube,
...pretty funny to watch!

It was popular with the kids several months back.


Day Nine,
Poor Tickle gets his
"Tinsel in a Tangle!"

No matter his troubles,
he's always a smilin'!

Day Ten,
Tickle wraps a few gifts,
while sharing a humorous knock-knock joke!

Day Eleven,
Tickle gets a tan, in a makeshift tanning bed,
...the microwave!

Day Twelve,
Tickle roasts marshmallows...
the itty bitty ones, just his size!

Day Thirteen,
Tickle hangs with the angel of the Nativity,
cracking a few jokes.

Aren't his little halo and wings just precious? 

Day Fourteen,
Tickle took a brief hiatus
in honor of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims.

Day Fifteen,
Tickled engaged in a game of Cowboys and Indians with Woody,
...and guess who won???  :)

This was David & Wesley's favorite...

Poor Woody,
didn't stand a chance! ha!

Check out that fine feather headdress!

 Day Sixteen,
Tickle was twinning with Old Saint Nick...

Tickle sure will be missed when Christmas passes.

 Each morning, day about lunch time ("teenager Christmas Break waking time"),
when my 19 and 14 year old come down the steps,
 they immediately hit the bottom floor in search of Tickle!

Yes, that makes me happy!   :)


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  1. Those are some cute ones! We've had a lot of fun with our elf Fred. My kiddos are 2 and 5 so I have to keep things a bit more simple. They're favorite so far is when he replaced the stockings with their undies. :)

  2. You are cracking me up with your jokes. Halo there!

    Your kitchen is lovely, too.

    Happy Holidays!


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