Week 1 with Tickle, The Elf on the Shelf

Sunday, December 9, 2012

For Yearsssss,
I have begged my children to participate in
Elf on the Shelf.

By the time it became the phenomenon it has,
they were a little too old,
a little too cool!

this year they decided on their own freewill, 
{albeit a secretly super excited Mom,
...and although it did take three days for David to really get in on the fun}
to adopt and welcome
Tickle, the elf,
into our home!

Tickle arrived on Sunday, the same day Ashley came home for college break.

He made his debut Monday morning
by throwing a Welcome Home Party for two!

...patiently awaiting for Ashley to awaken!

Day Two,
Tickle's witty side was revealed!

Day Three, still proving to be quite a jokester...

Day Four,
Tickle sings a little Bing Crosby tune,
while crafting up a storm...

Day Five,
Tickle rides with Station 17
(The local Fire Dept).

Day Six,
We find Tickle 
"ballin' with his peeps..."

NC State Wolfpack is represented 
for the majority of our household....

...and how about a shout-out for the Carolina Tarheel fans!
(i.e. David)

Day Seven,
(Sunday Morning)
Tickle is hanging with the Snowman in the foyer.

Silly guy!

Week One has been quite an adventure!

Bet you'll never guess how Tickle got his name! :)


On another note...
I apologize that I haven't responded to all the comments
 on my most recent posts!

I really do appreciate each and every one that is left!

Things have been crazy busy since Thanksgiving,
and will continue to be so until February.

...forgive me! :)


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  1. You just shared some of the cutest ideas with Tickles! I will have to share some of them with my daughter-in-law. I can so relate to being busy... it is crazy busy here too!! Enjoy your day, Gail

  2. I've sent your link to my daughter. She's doing Elf On The Shelf only the girls named their's Logan. I love your ideas and especially the jokes with him!!

  3. This is too cute! My sister has one for her three children!

  4. Oh how cute! What a fun thing to do, and your elf Tickle seems to have a real ability for one-liners and fun mischief. Love it!



  5. You are very clever! I'm sure that this has been fun for all of you. It's been fun for me!

  6. Hi Rhonda! Tickle is so adorable! All of his 'adventures' look like so much fun! Your photography looks so professional! I'd love to know how you made your new header! It's so pretty! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  7. Those are some great jokes. I giggled over the rain dear...comment. Fun!

  8. How much fun!! Love it that Tickle finally came to live at your house. Love the cute jokes, too.

  9. Now, I want an Elf on the Shelf. My son said he didn't want someone watching him, so we don't have one. But you've given me hope that one day, maybe when he's in college, we'll have our very on elf to do havoc in our house.

    I'm loving all your Christmas traditions. And your daughter, Ashley, is a very clever girl. So nice of her to think of all those activities for her younger siblings. Wonder if she has some ideas for the three weeks my son will be out of school for winter break...

  10. How cute! I love Tickles adventures. I got my first little Elf on the Shelf this year and have been posting an antic each day. I love it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

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