This little piggy went to Market...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This past week, I was so fortunate to be asked to accompany a close friend of mine, who just happens to be an interior decorator by trade, to the Atlanta Market. This was my first trip to the Mart, and I was thrilled just to tag along!!!
We flew from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta on a super Spirit Deal...$45.00 round trip!
My friend booked a room at the Westin through her credit card points for $45.00 a night. {Lisa and I are both bargain lovers!} We were expecting a normal room with 2 double beds...but, imagine our overwhelming excitement to learn our room had been upgraded, at NO extra charge to a very large suite.

Our view {below}, from the 67th Floor!!!

Our suite flowed from one room with two double beds and a desk on the opposite wall... an adjoining room with a large living area, and wet bar to the left...
...and a large dining/conference table...
...and an entire wall of windows featuring a spectacular view of Atlanta!

Even the robes in each of the TWO bathrooms were a luxury!
"I'll say that again....the TWO our suite!!!"
Now that is heaven on earth to two prissy girls! :)

The first evening, after a late afternoon flight, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Azio Downtown. We were up early the next morning, ready to hit the Mart when the doors opened!

Heading into the Mart...

The first area of showrooms we toured were the Floral/Seasonals.
Most were closed, and I didn't take many pictures due to the glare of the glass, but I thought the pumpkins below were really cute. Storing this idea away until Fall!
Most of the designs on the pumpkins are done with embellishments...crystals, dots, and such.

We were on the move, trying to cover a lot of space in a day's time, so I wasn't able to take nearly as many photos as I would have liked! The styling in the different showrooms was just unbelievable, and the floral arrangements were over-the-top and gorgeous!

Here are a few of I managed to snap...

Loved, loved, loved the burlap covered swing!!!!

A map of United States split into a collaboration of frames..

~ below ~
At first glance, one might think "redneck chandelier."
And I say that in the nicest way! :)
But my friend and I fell in love with this Mason Jar Light Fixture. It is definitely a conversation piece!

In the right setting, I think it would be rather stunning!

The light fixture below would be perfect for our "farmhouse renovation."
Whenever it resumes, that is!

Beautiful piece my friend was interested in for a client...
{Word to the decorating wise...Peacocks were everywhere in some form or another...must be the hot new thing to come!}

Gorgeous Monogrammed Headboard...

Loving the gold lamp shades...
{{So glad gold is making a comeback...I'll be back in style! :) }}

The sofa, below, was stunning! The wood was painted high-gloss black, and the black piping contrast was striking! I have an antique sofa similar that needs to be refinished for the farmhouse, and think I may very well "borrow" this idea!

Loved the concept of splitting an image into a collage of frames...

After our tour in Home Furnishings, we hit the cash and carry accessories showrooms.
Picked up a few pieces to bring home, big chunky rings, (an owl one for Ashley), a bracelet, and a faux red coral necklace.

A close-up of the rings...

We literally closed the Mart down! :)
We were so tired when we got back to our room...I mean suite..."smiles".
We decided to eat in at the Westin, at The Sundial. This was our view from the circular revolving restaurant.

We enjoyed a light meal of Vidalia Bisque Soup and a Caesar Salad,
saving room for delicious Apple Pie and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, garnished with peanut brittle, recommended by our delightful waiter.

The spectacular view at night from our room...

...and a view of the sun coming up the next morning, with Stone Mountain in the distance.
...looking to the street below...

My "souvenir" from the trip (other than the costume jewelry)
was a cute little ceramic trio of rabbits purchased from a sample sale, that found a home on the table in my foyer.

I was so thankful for this opportunity, and I certainly needed it in this season of my life! :)


  1. Wow! What a great time to be had with your friend, and a bonus of upgrades! I smiled at the peacocks bz every since Kaje' met Jake she's been into having peacock feather jewelry, etc. Jake has always loved them. He makes jewelry and has made her some adorable pieces using peacock feathers or the design of the peacock feathers. Jill used them in with her floral arrangements at her reception when she and Nicholas got married. Kaje' wants to use them in her's too, only bz of Jake and not trying to copy Jill.
    P.S. I'll be back in style with gold coming back too. There are just certain colors that I think look better with gold.

  2. Thinking of you! My friend is here from S. Carolina moving her daughter into the dorms today. I'll see her much later tonight when she spends the night here and then it's off to the airport in the early a.m. so she can get back to work on Monday. It's going to be a rough day for her as this is her baby. Hope all went well with Ashley and that you're adjusting well. :)


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