Dorm Sweet Dorm

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My baby girl has flown the coop, begun a new chapter in her life, college.

The transition was tough for me, especially the week leading up to her moving. But for her, it was one of great excitement. Two weeks have passed, and although I still miss her being her nest at home...I can't help but share in her excitement. She is loving college and dorm life! She has a great roommate, which was an answer to prayer!
Move-in day was a monumental one. Above and below are pictures of dorm stuff before we loaded the cars...minus her clothes. I'm amazed at how much is needed for such a small space!

We packed and LOADED two SUV'S!!!

Ashley getting in that last text to the boyfriend before we hit the road...

We spent the night near the college, and at 8 a.m. the next morning we headed over, greeted by welcome signs and balloon arches.

We were ushered into a "holding field", waiting for over a hour before our group was allowed to proceed to the dorms.

Upperclassmen Campus Welcome...
blowing horns, banging pans, and singing songs...very loudly!!! :)

I didn't experience this "grand fanfare hoopla" when I went to college, and I must admit I'm a little jealous! :)

Long line of newbies moving in...

Ashley just happened to be on the top floor of her dorm building...we're lucky that way...haha!

Below, putting her new desk chair together. She stated that if it fell apart and she ended up in the floor, she had noone to blame but herself...only one bolt was left over! :)
Reading the directions, smart girl!

Everyone was very friendly, from the staff, to the upperclassmen, other freshmen, and their parents. As we were setting up, different campus groups and clubs stopped by to welcome the girls, and leave them little gifts!

...and their dorm door was decorated by their Student Advisors and Big Sis's!
Ashley & Madison,  her roommate...

...and her side of the dorm....

We added a rug later in the day, about the same color as her throw.

The Gain Detergent bottle doesn't match her decor...but it was holding up her books and serving a purpose! :)

Madison's side...

Freshmen and families waiting to go to Orientation later that day...

The couple below had all three of their daughters at MC, one in graduate school, one senior, and one freshman...making them empty nesters! :) Unfortunately, they said they would probably be 75 before they were out of debt! ha!

As the freshmen exited Orientation, their families applauded and cheered them on!

Various pictures of the Campus...

Although it was so hard to leave her behind as we left the campus, I couldn't help but smile, thinking about all the opportunities Ashley will have over the next four years.

Carpe Diem...I say!
But just not THE day...Sieze EVERY day!!! :)


  1. Oh, that takes me back some 20+ years!!! I am so glad she is settled in. The memories she is going to make will last a lifetime. :)... Spoken from a Meredith Grad... :)

  2. How are you adjusting? How's David adjusting? Guess I better ask how Kevin's adjusting too, lol! I bet Ashley is having a great time and making so many new friends.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend. Hope you've had time this summer to spend some time at the Lake House.

  3. Rhonda, I feel your pain and also Ashley's excitement. Her dorm room is so cute! Kathi


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