End of the Summer Junkin' Drought

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Up until the last few weeks, I had been experiencing a serious "Junkin' Summer-drought." So excited to finally stumble onto some great finds, like the table skirt below.
Found the very nicely tailored,
like-new custom skirt,
{{get my drift just how fabulous this skirt was??? :) }}
....at the Resale Boutique in Raleigh, off of Glenwood.

It was hanging in a booth that was pulling out of the store the next day, ...everything was 50% off in the booth. They were excited to get rid of it because they weren't sure what it was ---I, of course, did!!!--- and was excited to get it for only $10.00.
The little rabbit and busts of children were second-hand pieces I've had for years.

Thursday, I stopped at Goodwill after work, and found the vase, below, for $1.89. I thought it was an elegant, timeless piece ...my daughter thought it was creepy! {ha, ha} ...guess I can chalk that up to decoration age-gap!
...love the crackle glass effect...
....filled with flowers....
Also found the chair below, at the Goodwill for $3.00.
I love the mesh "cane-like" grid of the back and had great plans for the chair....new paint and upholstery! But unfortunately I haven't found "a home" for it....just doesn't seem to fit anywhere. I'll hold on to it awhile longer, just in case! :)
The little tile plaque below, was purchased off of ebay for $4.00. The girl selling it received it as a gift her freshman year, four years ago...she graduated and wanted to pass it along to another college girl to enjoy.
My daughter will soon be taking it....
among all the stuff below
....(plus more, I'm in awe of all that is needed and will fit in a such a small space!!!)
...and joining these guys...
as a college freshman!
The geese "reside" all over campus, and they move at their own {{very slow}} pace!!!
Wish that I could just "Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake." :)
But all I can seem to do is cry...at the drop of a hat...
So excited for her...but I'm sure am going to miss my baby girl!

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  1. Great finds! That is awesome that your daughter is going to Meredith! I graduated from there! She will LOVE it. Tell her to make sure she gets involved in Cornhuskin' in the fall. ha!! I know you will miss her, though.....

  2. I'm lucking out bz Kaje' decided to live at home instead of moving out to save some money.

    Ashley seems to be such a good upstanding girl so I'm sure she'll do well and make you proud :) She's beautiful to boot so you'll have to send her with some stinky perfume or something to ward off the boys. Oh now, I guess I shouldn't have said that bz now you'll worry!

    My blog seems to be mostly about Travis anymore but I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss that boy. It's hard to believe that Tuesday I have to post yet again another month gone by that he's been gone. He'll be home in Dec. though so I'll just have to hang in there until then!

    Glad your junkin' drought ended with such treasures. You really can pull a room together and make it lovely. Wish you could come visit me and pull my house together but the grand-girls would just rip it apart, lol! They're so active and I love them....just not the messes....sometimes.

    Sorry the comment was so long but I've missed my friend! Good luck with moving Ashley and all that comes with that momentous day. Oh, and my email is onlycs11 at comcast dot net so you don't have to look it up!

  3. I know you'll miss your daughter. Maybe blogging will keep you busy.

  4. Great finds. It's a mixture of happy and sad to watch your children grow up and head out on their own. I'm sure she will do wonderfully.


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