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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The "ugly dessert, that's oh so good..." Nothing says "Summer Time," like tantalizing lemon flavored desserts!

Lemon Squares made for my mom's birthday!

This recipe, which I've included below, is so easy to make, and the consistency of the squares are thicker and more "cake-like," than most recipes I've used before.

Wrapped up, bowed up, and ready to be delivered...
{below} It has been much too hot to do much of anything....but cook, eat, and READ.

This is a great little series I picked up, by Sherryl Woods.
I read them all in a short time...once you start, you can't put them down!
And oh, how I want to be an honorary "Sweet Magnolia!" ;)
I highly recommend this delightfully southern trio!


Lemon Squares

1 box lemon cake mix
1 stick butter (melted)
1 egg beaten
Mix together and press in greased pan.

1 box powdered (confectioners) sugar
2 eggs beaten
8 oz. cream cheese (at room temp-easier to mix)
Mix together second set of ingredients. Pour on top of crust. Bake 35 minutes at 350 degrees. Let cool.

~~ enjoy!


  1. The recipe looks great! I haven't heard of that author but will have to keep those in mind when I need a new read! :) Hope your Mom had a great birthday!

  2. Your recipes are always so yummy! I'm definitely going to try this bz I need some new dessert ideas for the family gathering after Travis' homecoming! December certainly will be here soon (at least I hope so).

    There's much going on around here and not much time to do anything at the computer to work but I'll be back to posting more consistently later. For now though I love reading about what you're up to and how things are going! Email me any time if you get bored! Kaje' starts school soon. Her life right now is moving at lightning speed and I don't see much of her. That's the hard part for me about letting them grow up! Take care and have a great day!

  3. Made your lemon bars for dessert today and they were a hit! I think next time I'll have a can of lemon pie filling handy in case anyone wants to put some on top. I like lots and lots of lemon but Larry and Brianna liked them as they were. If I every make it to Kindra's in South Carolina I hope they have the peanuts that you write about bz those sound interesting! I hope you keep posting your recipes bz everything you post my family loves. Keep smiling!


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