Sweet Bird of a Deal

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The extreme heat...and humidity...seem to be driving the yard sales away these days, {{at least in our area}}, but I was fortunate to snag the two feathered friends below, at one the beginning of the summer.

Kevin and I were on our ritual Saturday morning "Breakfast Run," and we happened upon a local interior designer that was having a retirement sale. Kevin kindly stopped and let me browse {{quickly---"hungry.man.in.the.car"}} through the wares, but the only thing that really caught my eye were the bird figurines.

I am such a sucker for anything "birdish!" :)

But, the figurines were marked $35 for the pair....a little too rich for me!

Once we arrived back home....birdless...I announced that I was running out for a few errands.

Kevin just grinned and said, "I was wondering how long it would take you to get back to that yard sale." Yes, I had pleading on the mind and was pretty certain that at $35, the birds would be there waiting patiently for me!

After looking at the markings, I offered the lady $25 for the pair.

She responded {{in a slightly annoyed tone}}, "But they are Chelsea House!" At which I very nicely countered in my sweetest southern voice, "Yes, I know, but would you take $25? And reluctantly she agreed. After all, it was a yard sale.

That was one major score for junkin'. $25 was steep for a yard sale find, but the pair is in perfect condition and worth a couple of hundred dollars.

I love them though, even had they not had desirable pedigree! :)

And now they reside atop an old radio in my home, an auction piece found years ago...

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"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song." ~Chinese Proverb


  1. Beautiful! Showing them to us on the table lets us know how large they are too. You do have a sense for finding beautiful treasures. Does Ashley leave for college soon? I can't believe Kaje' will be starting next month! How can she be so old?!

  2. Those are beautiful birds! You always find the neatest things!

  3. Gorgeous birds Rhonda!!


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