Out With The Old... In With The New! Refreshing Container Gardens

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The birds are singing sweet, melodic tunes this morning,
as I enjoy a cup of coffee, a bagel, and the sights of healthy, new plants in pots on the porch.

My garden containers were overdue for refreshing.
I purposely put replanting them off a little longer than usual this year.
I wasn't sure Mr. Ramblings and Mr. Ramblings, Jr, 
 would give them much attention while I was away on my trip.
...afraid I would come back come to this...
what I already had!  ha!

The topiary didn't survive the winter.
But the plants that shared the pot, were coming back nicely.

This year, I decided for this area, to stick mainly to different variations of greenery
with just a little pop of color... the blue flowers.

First, the heavy clump of roots, dirt, and the dead tree had to come out.
Had to use a little muscle... gracious, was it ever heavy!

After trying to pry the viable plants from the gnarled mess with a shovel and by hand,
a grabbed a serrated kitchen knife and began carving out chunks.
...worked like a charm!

Filled the pot with the chunks around the tree...

Added potting soil, ...looking so much better!

For no reason, other than it was the size bag I needed,
I bought a bag of ORGANIC Choice Miracle Gro potting soil.
It smelled like pure cow patties, which was quite difficult to rid my hands of the scent!

Brought back memories, the challenge of dodging cow dung to cross a vast pasture
 to get to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my grandparents Mc's farm!
As a child, it was a game!
It's lost it's appeal over the years! ha!

The other two pots received healthy new plants as well.

A few more planters around my home...
the beautiful Asparagus Fern was a birthday gift from a friend.
They have become kind of hard to find in our area.

I love them, 
they take the heat well, and will potentially come back next year.

The Angel Wing Begonias remind me of my beloved Grandma B.
We shared a mutual fondness for them!

Two Macho Ferns by the back doors, in urns on either side.
The same friend that gave me the Asparagus Fern, introduced me to Macho Ferns.
They've become a favorite of mine!

I shared the container garden on the front porch, below, back in February, filled with pansies.

White geraniums replaced pansies that were looking a little ragged.

The pansies I replaced were all white,
but I noticed a blue one has volunteered, peeking out among the geraniums.

Scaling back on my container gardens this year,
I won't have as much time to take care of too many.

But I do enjoy them,
...their beauty brings joy throughout the summer!

Hope you all are having a great week!
Thanks for stopping in to visit!  :)


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  1. love container gardening! yours looks great. I'm working on growing salad mix, cilantro and mint :D

    stop by and chat ♥ http://storybookapothecary.com

  2. Rhonda, this is all beautiful. I'm refreshing my pots too and you're inspiring me. I love the way you did the geraniums around the bush. I love Macho Ferns!! The foliage is so much more sturdy than other ferns and they do come back for us. I also love Kimberly Queens...do you have any of those? That garden flag with ribbon is so pretty.

    So glad you could join us. Happy Thoughts of Home. ;)

  3. Rhonda, your refreshed containers are gorgeous. I need to add some new things to some of the urns in the shade garden because the cyclamen are on their way out. Your topiary looks great. I have one on the front porch that has thrived for several years now. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing. You are inspiring me to get something done this weekend.

  4. Love container gardens. They can bring so much colour and charm to an area like the front porch which might be somewhat plain otherwise. I'm in Canada so it's still a bit too cold to start gardening but I'm looking forward to it including creating a couple of container gardens for our front porch. Found your post at #yourinspireddesign

  5. Rhonda, beautiful container gardens! I have been busy all day doing the same! Happy gardening! Pam @ Everyday Living

  6. Your container plants look so pretty. I love how you were able to reuse the vines from one pot to the other. That was a good idea. Since you live in the south, I could relate to the plants that you used. I love asparagus ferns too.

  7. Using a knife to cut through the roots was smart. It's impossible to get through that tangled mess. Your pots all look perfectly lovely now!

  8. Beautiful plantings Rhonda! Psst, where did you get that great pineapple ribbon?

  9. Rhonda, I am drooling over your beautiful topiary. I have always wanted that exact look for my porch. I appreciate you showing me how to get that look. I thought I had to make or create my own topiary plant by trimming a bush or training ivy. I did not know I could buy one and insert it into the pot and add other pretty plants with it. I love your projects. Thank you. Kathi

  10. Beautiful updates on your container gardening-I love them all and I too have an angel wing begonia:)
    Pinned some of these beauties. Thanks so much for sharing this Spring inspiration with us at TOHOT!

  11. I love all sorts of ferns Rhonda and my favorites are Kimberly Queen and Macho.
    Boston Fern does not like me.
    I have asparagus fern in my flower beds.
    Enjoyed reading this- we are all busy in our gardens.
    Happy TOHOT! And thank you for continually joining us.

  12. Rhonda I need just a wee bit of your green thumb. It looks fantastic!

  13. Hi Rhonda! Gorgeous planters! Thank you for the inspiration! ;)


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