Spectacular Pecan Pie Muffins

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Found this recipe for Pecan Pie Muffins on Pinterest,
and they're so very delicious, I've dubbed them SPECTACULAR!

In the words of the infamous Justin Wilson, "I garontee (guarentee)"...
they are that good!

The recipe was posted in 2012, by The Girl Who Ate Everything Blog.
She shared that the recipe originated from one of her readers.

Now you might think that a pecan dessert is more suited for Thanksgiving.
But for those of us that love these nuts, anytime is pecan season!
...can I get a high-five!  :)

The recipe also calls for lots of butter.
Not necessarily a healthy choice,
 but just maybe it's the butter that elevates them to that spectacular level.

And if you're curious about the sweet, charming china pictured, it's vintage Noritake,
Ramona pattern.

I doubled the recipe to have plenty to share with friends,
 and a few for Mr. Ramblings and I to enjoy.

One friend recently had a double knee replacement!
Yes, ...both knees at same time, bless her heart!

She certainly deserved, and received, the largest portion of batch!

These sure would be a hit at a brunch or breakfast!
...or for dessert at any meal.



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  1. Rhonda, I'm going to look in my pantry for pecans. We have a group of company coming tomorrow and these would be such a treat. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday!! I ended up not making these the other day because we ate out the whole time. That's what you should do on a girl's weekend anyway. Right? I haven't forgotten them though and they are on my April list. :)

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  3. Where I live in Fairhope, AL, the downtown was built in a pecan grove, so the remaining trees will literally rain down pecans on your head during the fall! We love pecan recipes around here and this is a new one that looks scrumptious!

  4. Rhonda, we Southern girls do love our pecans...and this recipe sounds delicious! I always have pecans in the freezer, so I will give these a try for the weekend! Blessings, Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. Every season is pecan season in the South! Pecans in everything! These muffins look dangerously easy Rhonda, and I love the teacup presentation!

  6. Yes, I love pecans year round too. Its probably is a southern thing. My husband's favorite pie besides chocolate cream is a pecan pie. So, i bet he would love these muffins. I love how you packaged them so pretty for your friend recovering from surgery.

  7. These really do sound spectacular! I love pecan pie, but seldom make it because, well....you know! I could probably justify the muffins a bit easier because of all the pecans....nuts are good for you, right?

    Warm hugs and happy weekend,

  8. Your muffins look so good! Thanks for the recipe! Enjoy the week.


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