Dining With Ol' St. Nick

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
Like for so many others, it was a busy, busy one.

I took a seasonal job working retail in a local boutique this year,
and although I really enjoyed it,
it was at the end of the day... exhausting.

I did pretty well keeping up with all the goings on of Christmas
and my home,
until the days lingered into 9-10 hours on my feet as we approached the big day.
...I was no match!  I was beginning to feel my age, plus 10, ha!

Anyhow, although late, I thought I'd share one last Christmas project,
and the dining areas of my home dressed in festivity!

First, a simple, very frugal upcycling project...

The 25 cents basket had great potential for spreading a little cheer to my dining room.
It just needed a bit of glitter...

...and stuffing... 1/2 price greenery and a beautiful white velvet poinsettia
from Hobby Lobby...

...and a sweet little rustic bow.

Hung on the china cabinet door,
it was such a sweet seasonal addition!

Much of our home is an open concept.
To keep the bottom floor from becoming too busy,
since adjoining areas were a little more so,
the dining room decorations were kept at a minimum.

These precious baby angels were found on our anniversary trip to Charlotte,

For the post on our visit, click {HERE}.

On to the kitchen...

My daughter's creations... her annual gingerbread houses.
This year she made a little village.

I hope each of you have a very Happy New Year!
I sincerely thank you for visiting Ramblings of a Southern Girl
and for being a part of my life!
Blessings for joy and happiness for 2016!
~Rhonda  :) 


  1. Lovely decorations!! I spied lots of milk glass in your china cabinet - pretty, pretty! I love that you sparkled up that basket, because everything need a little bit of sparkle, right? Happy new Year

  2. Everything looks beautiful, Rhonda! I do love that fat Santa baker...he's adorable!
    Your little project turned out wonderfully. It's the kind of thing that I could leave up all winter around here. I love decor like that.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Love it all! I will be your newest follower:)


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