This Little Piggy Went to Vintage Market

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mr. Ramblings and I celebrated 23 years of marriage this past weekend,
with a trip to Charlotte, NC, to see Billy Joel in concert.
{Which was pretty awesome, btw!}

When in Charlotte, I can't possibly pass up a trip to IKEA, 
or one of my favorite "pickin' spots", The Depot at Gibson Mill.

Not only do they have great vintage, the displays offer wonderful inspiration.

You may be wondering what Christmas and pigs have to do with each other?
{Probably never entered your minds, but work with me here. :)}
I was quite surprised to find, they do share an interesting relation.

Long years ago, in the 1880's,
the tradition of the famous Peppermint Pig began in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Those of the Victorian ages, believed that the pig represented
good health, happiness, and prosperity.

{Skates were painted red.}

Each year around Christmas,
the old candy makers created sweet treats, the Peppermint Pigs.

The treats were a festive pink, made of hard peppermint candy,
similar to candy canes.

Tradition goes, when families gathered for Christmas dinner,
afterwards the Peppermint Pigs were broke open with a miniature hammer.

The treat was shared by all the family members,
hoping for good fortune in the coming year.

The tradition is more popular today, than it was in it's origin.

The Peppermint Pig is sold, and the tradition shared all over the nation,
but still only made in Saratoga County.

I just happened upon The Peppermint Pig,
when out of curiosity googled... Christmas and pigs.
But am thinking, I may just order one for my family this year.

If you would like more information on this sweet little pig treat,
including where to buy and how it's made, click {HERE},
or visit The Saratoga Sweets Candy Co website.

...enjoy the rest of The Depot Tour, if you will...

The festive outfits below, just seem to have fallen right out of The Christmas Carol,
or some other vintage Christmas tale.

Santa has his outfit laid out and ready for the big night, the 25th...

...right down to his boots and stockings...

...but for now, he's waiting to greet those both young and old,
as they enter the magical world of The Depot... a junker's paradise!

Hope you all are doing well and almost ready for Christmas!
It will be here before we know it!  :)


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  1. Oh my goodness! I would have gone nuts in that store!

    Happy Anniversary! (My husband & I have been married 23 years also. I guess 1992 was a good year!)

  2. Love the store, I see so much that I love. Did you know that I am working (holiday season) at Suzannas Antiques in Raleigh? It is located in the Vintage a Village? I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. I love Billy Joel in concert, we saw him once and Christie was in the crowd,,,,,,

  3. Wishing you a happy anniversary. I live in Charlotte, but have yet to venture into The Depot at Gibson Mill, I scratched it onto my list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. All this AND Billy Joel? I'm about to pass out from excitement overload!!!

    Love it all!

  5. love your trip to the Depot, I'd love to get there someday. Sounds like a fun way to spend your Anniversary!

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend, romance, music and shopping! Love the wagon full of vintage toys and the dozing Santa!

  7. Congratulations on 23 years! Thank you for sharing a bit of your travels with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  8. I enjoyed your Depot tour, but I'd love to go there for myself! I had to take a look at those peppermint pigs - so cute!


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