Throwback - Cornhuskin' - A College Tradition

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

If traveling in Raleigh around Hillsborough Street Friday,
and you hear what sounds like a hog callin', horns and whistles blowing, and girls cheering...

...see rainbow rows of floating balloon arches...

...and "bushels and bushels" of corn of some sort...

...chances are you're close to Meredith College.

a Meredith College Tradition since 1945, is a celebration much like Homecoming.
It is annually slated for the first weekend in November.

Since Meredith is an all-girl's college,
without football or men's basketball,
there isn't a traditional Homecoming, per-say,
other than CornHuskin'.

Following a week of activities on campus,
family and friends, (including the girls' fellas, below...),
 are invited to come on Friday to take part in a string of festivities.

My daughter, Ashley, graduated from Meredith last May,
and will return to Meredith this weekend as an Alumna.
{So hard to believe... how is it she's getting older and I'm remaining 29! "smiles"}

The May 2015 Graduating Class...

Each year, the classes pick a theme,
the Seniors spinning off of Dr. Seuss', Oh The Places You'll Go,
...their take, Oh The Places We've Been.

The Seniors can not only walk as a group in the afternoon parade through campus,
cheered on by their visitors and each other, but they have the option of having an "entry."

Ashley asked her dad, Mr. Ramblings, to drive her and a few classmates/friends
in his old vintage Chevy.

More Cornhuskin' Parade pictures...

Dr. Jo Allen, below,
The President of Meredith College,
and First Meredith Alumna to lead Meredith...

Firetruck in sight, signaling the end of most any parade...

After the parade, the Senior Class gathered on the balconies of Johnson Hall
and were serenaded by the underclassmen.

The Tradition continued that evening,
as each class had a program, a short skit and dance,
and the classes competed against each other in 
Corn Shuckin',
Apple Bobbin',
and Hog Callin'.

{Disclosure: No live piggies were used in the Hog Callin' Contest! ha!}

I didn't have pictures from last year's evening events.
This one is from 2012, and more on that post can be seen {HERE).

Ashley and friends...
The girl in yellow on the left and the girl in the middle with the green bow in dark hair,
were her roommates.

Ashley and her fella in front of Jones Chapel on campus.

Cornhuskin' is an unique event,
kind of hard to explain and describe... 
one of those things you just have to experience "to get!"

 In the weeks leading up, I receive a lot of hits on my post from 2012.
I suppose by freshman in search of what to expect.

I'll miss seeing my girl and all the other smiling, happy faces this year,
as they unite to celebrate being a Meredith Angel!

But then... I remember college tuition is no more,
and my melancholy quickly fades!  :)

Thanks for visiting
and letting me share this throwback to November 2014 with ya'll!


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  1. I love things like this! College is an experience, not a bunch of classes. And boy, do I love that Chevy truck!!!

  2. Rhonda, such wonderful pictures! I smiled my way through all of them.

    So nice to see people happy and enjoying a good time.


  3. How much fun Rhonda! What a grand southern tradition! Love those balloon arches~

  4. What a delightful post, Rhonda! Your Cornhuskers reminds me of one of our Oregon schools -- U of O Ducks. Cars drive down the freeway with a duck tail sticking out the's all green and yellow on game day!

    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my latest post!

  5. It looks like good wholesome fun to me! Ashley is just as lovely as ever!

  6. Oh how much fun that had to have been!! Parades are always so full of energy and so much fun! :-)


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