My Daughter's First "Adult" Apartment - Coastal Meets Lilly P.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My daughter, Ashley, graduated from college this past May.
{You can probably still hear the echoes of her dad shouting "hallelujah!"}

Within a few weeks after graduation,
she landed a JOB!
{...can we get another "hallelujah!"}


Now mind you, it is an entry level position in the field she's pursuing.
But one in which she can possibly advance quite quickly.
And she'll have that necessary "experience" needed.

We're very proud of our girl!
A homebody, and one that school has not always come easy for,
she went away to college two hours from home at 17 years old, 
 graduated  with a BS in the allotted four years,
(with no summer school classes),
and found a job not long after graduation. 
She is a very determined young lady!

But enough bragging!   :)

On a very serious budget, 
Ashley and I, set up her first "adult" apartment.
She was going for a toned-down Lilly'esque, coastal vibe in her decor,
(as in Lilly Pulitzer).

And yes... I so made up that word!

With graduation money from grandparents, 
she made her first big furniture purchase, a sofa from Big Lots.  

Her dad and I bought a new chair for the living room, 
and one for her desk.
Other than that, her furniture was an ensemble of hand-me-downs
and second hand finds.

The coffee table was a $20 local thrift store find that was updated
 with a couple of coats of navy blue paint.

The white vase with "elephant head" gold handles, brass rimmed glass coasters,
and brass drink opener in the white leather tray were antique mall finds.
{Golden Leaf Antiques Mall - Mullins, SC
 & Marion Emporium - Marion, SC}

She found the gold table (above), for $10 at the same thrift store as the coffee table.
The lamps were reused from her college apartment.

A few night shots...

The mirror was also recycled from her college apartment,
transformed from silver to gold with a little spray paint.

She sewed several of the pillows for her apartment,
including the coral print ones, below.

Moving into her little dining nook...

The dining set was a hand-me-down that was her great-grandmother's. 
We sanded down, re-stained, and poly'd the wood top.
The chairs and base of the table were painted a semi-gloss off white.
The chairs, each in great, very sturdy condition, 
were recovered in the pretty blue geometric fabric.

Night shots...
{Although a serene space, it is very hard to photograph.
Pictures in the post are made up of photos taken with a camera, ipad, 
and Iphone, and at various hours.)


The kitchen area...

The last room I'll share in this post is her bedroom...

The bed and dresser were also hand-me-downs from her great-grandmother. 

For graduation, Ashley's boyfriend ordered her
 a Lilly Pulitzer duvet cover from Garnet Hill.
A month and a half later, she still hasn't received it.
They have gotten the run-around from Garnet Hill and USPS...
very disappointing. 
Hopefully, it will be straightened out soon.

Did you happen to notice the Lilly Pulitzer look-book on the coffee table?

The Lilly prints below, that hang over the bed, 
were cut from that book and framed with 5x5 inset frames from Michael's.

Lilly for Target Chair...

Just a few night shots of the bedroom,
including this $5 auction chair painted navy, with new upholstery.

Doesn't this bamboo design, green glass lamp just scream L.I.L.L.Y!
We came across it at the antique mall, Marion Emporium, in Marion, SC.
{Gold and white stripped lamp shade - Target}

Thanks for hanging in there with me,
I know this was a long post!

I'll save her little porch and office niche for another time!  :)

The Home Office Niche can be viewed {HERE}



I would like to extend a big, heartfelt "Thanks" to Sandy,
from Shadow Meadow Cottage Blog!

She featured my post,
Southern Charm in Full Bloom Garden Tour,
along with several others' in her Sharing Saturday post,
all featuring beautiful home and garden inspiration!

I may have to "borrow" your post idea, Sandy!
Check her out, she has a wonderful and charming blog!


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  1. What an exciting time in her life. Congratulations on the job and new home! It's adorable!

  2. Oh, goodness... been so long since I have really read a lot of my blogs. I CANNOT believe Ashley has already graduated from Meredith! Seriously? It has already been four years!? That is awesome... proud of her! And I LOVE her apartment. I think of you often when I go places and see "finds".... they are just "finds" I have no idea how to work in a room like you. You are so talented and I am so happy to have seen this on my feed. Hope you are well!!

  3. Oh wow... Rhonda! She's grown up to be a very beautiful young lady! She's always been gorgeous though :) Congratulations to her on her graduation!

    That apartment looks fantastic. Truly. Much better than the mess that was mine at that age LOL She has great taste, like her momma :)


  4. How much fun and congrats to your grad! I love the lobster pillow! We are kindred spirits, paint is definitely my best friend :)

  5. Congratulations to you and your daughter...I say never enough bragging! Her accomplishments are impressive. I love the apartment. Lots of style and like my good friend Rue said, much better than my own first mess!! Best of luck!

  6. Her apartment looks great! It looks like a lovely space and you all did a great job giving new life to the hand me downs and thrift store finds.

  7. Rhonda, I'm backtracking today to see a few posts I've missed. Your daughter's apartment is so cute! I know she must be really proud of it. Remember those days of making your own place? How exciting! I really like her bedroom and the coffee table with the pretty tray. Great job!

    My son is in his own apartment after college too. Of course, he doesn't care so much about the decor...well he does but he doesn't do anything about it. When we go visit we always work on it a little. We are traveling there tomorrow to visit him and I'm taking pillows for his couch. You know he'll be so excited. :)

  8. Congrats to her! Congrats to the parents her raised her! Wishing her every good thing and continued success.

  9. This is very grown up yet whimsical. I'm sure your daughter will have so much fun living there. I also have 2 sons who have their own apartment that I helped decorate. It is fun and challenging at the same time because you have to accomodate them, while working with hand me downs. Worth the challenge!


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