Celebrating the 4th With a Special Vintage Find

Saturday, July 4, 2015

About a month ago,
during the time we were moving my daughter, 
I passed by a thrift store in a nearby town on four different days.

In the big, old dusty window of the shop I spotted an unique object 
...it immediately caught my eye on the first passby,
but I never had the opportunity to stop by ...and then it was gone.

Fast-forward to last Thursday...
My son and I were going across town to get lunch and run some other errands. 
As I drove past the flea market, I scanned the vendors' wares in the lot.
One object caught my eye,
and honest truth,  
I almost ran into the vehicle in front of me stopped for the light!

This piece takes me back to my childhood! 
Growing up in a Baptist Church, I can still envision where our
"board" hung, which over time has been remodeled and the "board" is no more.
In the church we now attend, there is not a "board."
...maybe it's the trend... ditch the "boards."

Funny story...
Several years ago, I was the Sunday School Secretary for a church 
before we moved the last time.
They had a "board" and guess who got to update it each week
with the little cardboard paper numbers... ME!  :)

Anyhow, not sure why the "board" intrigues me so,
but I was ecstatic to find it!
The guy selling it inquired as to what I was going to do with it,  
which he claimed he acquired from an auction and not the thrift store.
Not that it mattered, 
but how ironic, mine must have a twin that I came so close to buying just a month ago.

I have many ideas for the "board,"
The first being part of the decorations for a 4th of July Cook-out
we're hosting at the lake for our church this weekend. 
Made my own paper letters/words on card stock, and
the "board" will be displayed with many other vintage goods,
which seems only fitting on the occasion to celebrate
our history and our freedom!

Hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July! 


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  1. Hi Rhonda! Of course I remember you!! I'm so glad you decided to start again :)

    Boy howdy, has it changed... I was gone for almost 4 years and I had so many issues the first few months. Just starting a new blog took some readjustments. Anyway, I'm so happy to hear from you.

    Something tells me that guy was fibbing lol Great find though :)



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