Trash To Treasures

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Other than Blake Shelton, with those pretty blue eyes, dimples, and silky, rich vocals, 
    {sigh ..."smiles"}
...there's another sure way to set my heart to racing, and make me giddy with excitement.

My Junk, ...or my Junk Business, ...which supports my Junk Habit

At the beginning of March, Bello Market moved to Trash To Treasures in Castle Hayne, NC!
...and I am so loving my new location!

T to T, open 7 days a week,  is located about 10 minutes off of Interstate 40, 
on the other side of Wilmington.

At the end of this month, I'll be celebrating a year at The Carolina Country Peddlers Mall
in Lumberton, NC, which is about 10 minutes (or less) off of Interstate 95.  

What it is with me and Interstates???  Purely coincidental! ha!

I'm still quite happy with my booth at CCPM, but I have a little more space and decorating freedom with 
my new space at T to T!

I wanted to share pictures of my booth, but my computer is not cooperating, which is testing my sanity at the moment!  So instead, I'll share pictures I took around the shop of the other vendors' booths.

I did manage to get one picture from my booth, the oil prints below are mine, but hopefully not for long! ;)
....they so deserve a new loving home!

Enjoy your stroll through Trash To Treasures....

The vendor, below, is my right-hand neighbor.
All of the vendors I have met so far, including the shop owner, are really friendly!

You might recognize the little rabbits from my "Welcoming Spring" Post!

The vendor below, makes her own Chalk Paint and does a great job!
       {Next Two Pictures}

The next four pictures are from my very talented and crafty left-side neighbor!

couldn't you just spend hours shopping in Trash to Treasures???

I've got to start wearing blinders when I go to work in my booth,
...I come home with too many treasures, and it's eating up my profits! :)
...but I'm supporting my fellow vendors!

For now, I'm off to do some painting, ...several pieces await!
Stocking two booths is time consuming, but that's definitely a good thing!, fun!


Come Visit if You're in the Area...

Trash To Treasures
6304 Castle Hayne Road
Castle Hayne, NC

Carolina Country Peddlers Mall
3540 E Elizabethtown Road {Hwy 41}
Lumberton, NC


  1. OMG, Rhonda! Thanks for sharing the space, I saw so many things that I want now, wicker chaise, milking stool, chenille pillows, vintage linens, etc. Now I need some retail therapy!

    Hope you are having a great week! Sometime when I head back home to PA, I would love to stop by!

  2. Rhonda, what a fun post! This is like a shopper's dream! I see so many wonderful treasures! This is awesome!

  3. gosh if I was closer I see lots that would come home with me

  4. We have absolutely nothing like that around here. I fell in love with so much I can't even list them all. Lucky you for being surrounded by such inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful little place! I am driving to Haven in Aug JUST so I can stop along the way....I will pass right by Lumberton so you are now on my list!!

  6. Thanks so much for taking me shopping with you. You are lucky to have such good neighbors...awesome shop!



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