Love at first sight...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

There are two things that have been on my radar...
or wish list...
when on my junkin' journeys over the years.

a reasonably priced beautiful Alabaster Lamp
{or pair}.

a Brass and Glass Coffee Table!

And this past week I found one of my heart's desires!

"Zing!  Went the Strings of my Heart..."

I was heading up a yard sale at our church this past weekend,
and a group of us went to pick up some items from a widow in our church.
One of the guys loaded the table in my Surburban,
and this beauty never hit the showroom floor!
I called first dibs immediately!

Love at first sight, it was!

Can't wait to clean and polish this baby up!

We were blessed with many large donations of great stuff!
Here are a few more of the finds I brought home....

a White and Gold Polka Dot Hall's Teapot,
a Laveno Ironstone Tureen,
and a more modern gravy dish.

Pretty vintage blue pieces...

A stack of North Carolina Books,
some fiction, some non.

Fish Glassbake dish
and napkin rings...

Pink Hall Teapot,
Vintage Dutch girl piece,
and a beautiful plate, "Giselle," designed by Edna Hibel, West Germany.

Sweet little glass basket...

Milk Glass and Blue & White Dishes...

A total of 12 Grape Pattern Vintage White Milkglass Punch Cups...

Reims of France Berry Bowls...

I also bought about 5 pictures,
most were coastal prints.
But the one below, was an oil.
Paired with a Vintage Pyrex Cheese Dish/Dome and Roseville Jug.

This is just a highlight of the items I found.
These and many more line my kitchen counters and table,
and are waiting to be cleaned and priced to sell in my booths.

....guess I better get busy! 

Hope all you other pickers 
had a bountiful weekend as well! :)


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  1. I tell you, the church sales are the best....I must say I am envious over that polka dot teapot!! Now that is way cool!! Lucky you...enjoy!

  2. Ah, you're beautiful milk glass that you often tempt me with! I love that little glass basket too. You certainly do have good "radar" for finding a bargain and beautiful things. I swear around here I just find junk! Serious junk! I need to visit your neck of the woods to get a deal I guess. Your booth must be fabulous!

  3. Rhonda:

    I would say that you found some great finds...Some of my favorites are the jug, coffee table and the white dishes! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh my goodness, you scored big time! I love the polka dotted tea pot & also the pink one too!

  5. Congrats, looks like you hit the jackpot! When can I come go "junkin" with you?

  6. Oh, Rhonda, what great finds! You really found some wonderful treasures!

  7. Love the table! I am drooling over the milk glass and pretty! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie


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