Great Week for junkin'

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yard Sales were in full swing this weekend in our little town,
and I also found several items at the thrift stores this past week.
All in all a pretty good week for junkin'!

The chair, below, was a Salvation Army find.

The white looking gunk was not paint, but sheet rock mud.
What a booger to clean! ha!

For metal, I always try to use a good quality spray paint made specifically for that purpose, 
to prevent the paint from scratching off, bubbling,
...and all the other things that can go wrong with metal finishes!

I found the new product, below, Krylon Dual Paint + Primer, for less than $5.00 a can.
Loved it!!!
The paint covered well, dried quickly, went a long way coverage wise, 
and had a pretty slick finish!

Added  new whimsical fabric to the cushion.

The Transformed Chair, 
which will be heading to Wilmington tomorrow for my booth there.

Also for my booth in Wilmington, the Yard Sale finds, below.....

The palm tree planter, was originally $48.00,
but I payed a small tiny fraction less!
Aahhh, that's why I love Yard Sales!!! :)

Buying for my booth in Wilmington, and for my booth in Lumberton, are so very different!
More current housewares and painted pieces go to Wilmington.
The older stuff goes to Lumberton.
Which is where the next sets of treasures are bound for...

The white pitcher and red teapot were Salvation Army finds,
the rest from Yard Sales.

The vintage set of dishes, in perfect condition, were found at Goodwill.
Which is a rarity, I seldom find anything great in our Goodwill Stores.

For now, the grouping, below, doesn't have a destination.
The new paper mache' pumpkins, (50 cents each), will probably be a fall crafting project.
The chest ...still mulling over that one!

Hope the thiftin' was some kind of good in your neck of the woods! :)

Stay tuned for my "Pretty In Pink" Project!


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  1. Looks like you had some good buys!

    Is that ironstone in one of the photos? I love the plaid lunchbox?....

  2. You had fun! That chest is really interesting. I would be buying one of the blue insulators. I have a clear one, but no blue ones....

  3. Great finds! I have a set of 4 yellow bowls with the green rooster like you bought. I got them at an auction for $2 for the set! I really love that sailboat painting you found!

  4. I love those polka dot champagne glasses/candleholder. Whatever they are, they are adorable paired with the plaid tin.

    Where is your booth in Wilmington. I may be taking a quick trip down there in the next week or so and would love to check out your space.

  5. You found some great things. I'd be interested in that cute plaid lunch box. Is it available?

  6. wow~the chair!
    love all your finds


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