RMN 2 - Sometimes Bigger Is Better

Friday, February 3, 2012

 ...at least when upsizing to a larger planter.

 Refreshing My Nest {RMN) Project 2
began with the need to upgrade and find a more substantial planter, scale-wise,
for my foyer.

The smaller urn below was the planter that was previously in the foyer.
It is short in stature, and was beginning to deteriorate, 
which meant it leaked terribly every time I watered the plant it contained. 

{In the picture, the two appear closer in size. In reality the planter in the back is much taller than the urn.}

I saw the larger planter in the picture above, at Lowe's a couple of weeks ago.
Priced at $49.99, I passed it over, but I really was torn. 
 I loved the uniqueness of the piece, the " faux pebble-look" --but the price ...not so much!

Wandering later through the section of planters, I noticed that the planter had a lot cosmetic damage.
I asked the garden department sales manager if they would consider marking it down --- they did....1/2 price!  
This I could afford, couldn't load it fast enough!

Once home, the planter was elevated on another pot, so that the dry dead grass would not stick to the freshly painted planter. And paint away I did ...satin black.

Once dry, it replaced the smaller urn, and I am quite happy with my choice.
It is unique, and the scale, height-wise, of the planter works well in the space.

...and it was a bargain,
which really makes my heart sing! 

An added bonus, I just love the ambiance live plants contribute to a space!
I try use them wherever I possible in my home!

Stay tuned for RMN 3!


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  1. Rhonda:

    Love the pot. It looks great with all the new paint! Also -- what a bargain, I love it! That is a great deal! Doesn't it make your deal when you get a wonderful deal....

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the stone detail on this planter. Painting it satin black is such a good idea. Your foyer looks great and I love the heart wreath that I see on the door!

  3. That looks great! I agree, it is a perfect fit for that plant and that space. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too.

  4. Love the new pot!! Just beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful, happy plant..The large pot came out perfect for the height of the plant...Great job!


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