IKEA Inspiration

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One can't help but get excited, anticipating your first trip to IKEA,
as the flags whip about in the wind under beautiful blue skies,
 beckoning you into the parking lot!

Going to IKEA, is not like any random shopping trip.  It is "an experience."
The prices are phenomenal, i.e. "cheap,"  and the inspiration rich in the showrooms.
Although I wouldn't suggest going during the mid-afternoon on Saturdays.
Unfortunately, that is when my schedule while visiting Charlotte, NC, permitted, and it was a circus! 
 (Overly crowded and the check-out wait was long!)

Thought I would share a few pictures from the Show Rooms...

$19.99 for a Basic Metal Table.
The possibilities for this piece are endless, and the price can't be beat!

One of these beautiful bowls came home with me, and now resides on my kitchen table holding fruit.


If I were a modern, hip kind of chick, I would have to have these gloss red lacquer pieces for my kitchen. 

IKEA is the "go-to" place for storage solutions!

More pretty storage options, below.

IKEA would be a wonderful place to gather inspiration, and pieces for a brand-new space, or for an apartment dweller.  They offer many great solutions for making the most of a small space in a very efficient manner.  Overall, IKEA leans toward the modern, but even so, great accessories can be found to accent any type of decor.  I observed that IKEA would also be a wonderful place to gather like-items in bulk needed for a wedding or party, for a very affordable price.

So there you have it, my first trip, and my two-cents worth of opinion on IKEA!  "smiles"


  1. I really enjoyed the Ikea tour. I saw one thing that I truly loved, no two. Oh, okay, it was three things, but you're so right that Ikea leans toward a streamlined, modern look. Lots of fun to see it all! (Photos 8 and 21 hold my favorites.)

  2. I love IKEA for storage solutions. They are fabulous for a sewing or craft room. Those red lacquer cabinets would be fun in a craft room if you love red! I went with white furniture and storage for my sewing sanctuary bz I want a beachy theme and a tranquil space. For Christmas I got Travis the eight-cubbie black Expedit ones and laying it on it's side it works as a TV stand. It's perfect for him and is low profile to fit his room better. We plan to add to it later when he moves into Kaje's room. This way though when he moves out (which is bound to happen someday) he can stand it up or use it as he wishes. I do love IKEA but it's about two hours from my home so I only get there a couple of times a year. Kaje' and Jake want gift certificates to there. They bought a bedroom set from there and it's great for a newlywed couple. They also got a small kitchen set that's adorable and so "them."

    Go online and order their catalog and then the next time you make it there you know what you want....at least that's what we do since we can already measure the space we want something for. I enjoy putting it all together too.

    Oh, and I'll still be here checking blogs. I'll have to email you later about why I'm thinking of going private. Much craziness around here right now. :) Going wedding dress shopping on Saturday....wish me luck!

  3. Thanks for the tour! I've never been to the store but I do want to visit the one in Atlanta!!

  4. You make me want to visit there again! They have a lot of fun stuff, and I agree that they can't be beat for storage solutions!

  5. I have been to the IKEA near Philadelphia, PA. They have a lot of neat things!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yes, 2 more weeks I will be moving. I am really excited!

  6. I love Ikea, though the closest one to me is 3 hours away! :( We are planning on driving over there in the near future to get butcher block countertops.

    Thank you for the tour!

    Lou Cinda

  7. Now THAT is a cool store! I will have to get to Charlotte sometime and see it!


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