JOY ...and Other Christmas Crafties

Saturday, December 17, 2011

With the newest rage, Pinterest, there are so many wonderful craft ideas available to "borrow."

Below, are a few fun and easy Christmas Projects I'd like to share...

The first was a project I made for my Mother-in-law a couple of years ago.
The idea was hers, I just implemented!
She's a crafty lady, herself!

Three pillows were made from a glittery plastic (flannel-backed) inexpensive tablecloth.
{I can sew, but for this project, I hot-glued the seams of the pillows together.  They held very well!}

Used the Cricut Machine to make the self-adhesive vinyl letters.

And together they spell JOY!

The second project is a simple cookie decoration project.

Nutter Butter Cookies Santas

Melted white chocolate in the microwave to make each Santa's hat and beard.
Sprinkled top ("the hat") with red sugar immediately after dipping.
Added a white chocolate morsel for the fluffy white ball on the end of Santa's hat,
a Red Hot for his nose, and miniature chocolate morsels for eyes.

A little time-consuming, but super cute, huh???

And the last project,
Cotton Boll Poinsettias!

From this, below...

to an unique Poinsettia...

The hostess of a Christmas dinner party I attended this past week made these for each placesetting.

The cotton had long been picked and removed from the boll.
The hostess painted the discarded boll red, adding yellow in the center.

Painted one piece of a boll green and hot-glued it, a red ribbon, and stick to the red painted piece.

---I'm off to do a little more decorating, spreading some JOY and cheer!
I let my daughter convince me that our Christmas decorations looked "unfinished."
So today I am tweaking and adding to.  
And I said I was done -- ha!

Maybe, just maybe I'll be finished by Christmas! :)

"Somehow, not only for Christmas, but all the long year through, the JOY that you give to others, is the JOY that comes back to you!"  -John Greenleaf Whittier


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  1. Rhonda:

    Now do you want to come over to help me with my decorating? HA! Anyway, your crafts are so cute...I especially love the Santa peanut butter cookies, so adorable!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That flower idea is amazing. Very unique. I was thinking of you and your Ashley coming home for the holidays. Great times ahead for you for sure!

  3. Yes, he's home. He came home Friday. It's been so crazy around here that I'm just barely getting a post up about him. We literally threw everything into my office at the last minute so I'm in here working and finally made a path to my desk! You've never seen such a mess, but oh, it's such a very happy mess! I'll be blogging more about the homecoming later. I just did the Aloha Oe now. He's so different and yet the same, you know? It's a good difference too. I had an experience yesterday that you wouldn't believe and it's got me even more motivated to keep blogging.....of course I'll be blogging it in the next few days!

    Gotta run but I'll be touching base with you soon!

  4. How pretty and festive! Love the poinsettias! Merry Christmas!...hugs...Debbie


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