What a Weekend - Going CORNy & A House Tour

Friday, November 4, 2011

This weekend, I'm uber-excited to be heading to Raleigh, to spend it with my daughter, Ashley, at school.

We'll be going CORNy...celebrating Cornhuskin', a college tradition that takes the place of their Homecoming. She attends a women's college, and the entire week has been packed with festivities.

From Corn to Pecans...
We Southerners are notorious for celebrating most anything and everything in the way of a festival;
Corn, Pecans, Yams, Pumpkins, Peanuts, Strawberries, Azaleas, etc...

While I'm away this weekend, I'll miss our local Annual Pecan Harvest Festival.
This time of year is so busy, it'll make your head spin --- just can't take it all in!

In 2009, our home was on the Pecan Festival Home Tour.
Thought I'd post a recap...

Pecan Belles, representing the Festival, are chosen from among local eighth grade girls.
Each home is hosted by one belle and her attendant, young men from Camden Military Academy.

Guest Registrar

Wasn't this a handsome little prince???

The 2009 Pecan Queen, Dixie Light, from Atlanta, Ga, visited all the homes. She was escorted by Bill Thompson, a local author, contributing writer for "Our State Magazine," and well-traveled speaker.

"Ode to the Pecan!"
Celebrated the pecan in my home with a vignette featuring pecans and a vintage dog cast-iron cracker.

I {lurve} fresh flower arrangements; they do wonders for most any space.
Made several for the tour. . .

Below is a good example of "What Not to Do!"
The beautiful yellow-orange roses couldn't withstand the heat from the lamp, even though they weren't that close or the bulbs that hot.

The outside our home was decorated as well.
Guest entered though the front doors . . .

And exited from the back. . .

Few more outside shots. . .

I'm a little ashamed to admit, as I look through the photos, I realize my home isn't quite as clean as it once was.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and I'll work on that --- next week! ;)

~enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hi Rhonda! What a treasured memory and what an honor! Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us and have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I'm wondering if you have a beautiful flower garden where you get all your lovely fresh plants. You always do such a fabulous job on the decor of your home and have such a unique flair. Love it. Enjoy the weekend with Ashley! Those are the best times, the ones we spend with those we love!

  3. Rhonda, what a fun tour! Loved seeing your pretty home. And I love how we Southerners celebrate all that is best of the South... and pecans are sure part of our best, pecan queens, too!

    My grandmother had a huge pecan tree in her yard, and we always loved her pecan pie, pecan tassies, and toasted pecans. Oh, I wish I had some now! Pecans were on every cake or dessert I can remember. They are my favorite nut.

    Have fun in NC! Looks like you are going to have a great time with your daughter. Be safe and enjoy!



  4. It's too cool that your house was on a tour! I love all of the arrangements that you created. Fresh flowers really are the finishing touch for any room.

    Hope you had fun with your daughter this weekend.

  5. Oh wow, what a cool honor for you Rhonda! Your home is so beautiful. I love your flower arrangements. All of it is gorgeous! Kathi


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