Flintstones Trunk or Treat Preview

Friday, October 28, 2011

On Sunday Evening our church will host it's
Annual Trunk or Treat.

This is my family's first year participating, but last year the "trunks" or tailgates of trucks that lined the church parking lot, were lavishly decorated with cute fall decor.

One truck was decorated as the "Krusty Krab," with a couple in our church passing out candy dressed as Spongebob and Patrick. Another truck was decorated with camo scarecrows and a dog box. {Remember, we are in the country! :) } And two other couples came as Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Velma, and passed out candy from the "Mystery Machine."
These were all super cute and creative!

Ashley volunteered to pass the candy for our trunk, so we went costume hunting several weeks ago, to explore our options for a theme. She chose the Wilma Flintstone costume, with an addition of black leggings and a long sleeve shirt.

Our Theme to be: The Flintstones & Rocks

The following weekend, I was at a yard sale, and low and behold, I found a kid's car for $5.00!!!
Perfect to transform into Fred's Mobile.

Gave it a good cleaning, pulled the stickers off, and began to paint away....

The first coat was a tan paint specifically for plastic, by Valspar.

After two coats of the tan paint completely dried, I misted over it lightly with Valspar "Stone" spray paint.
The tires got an extra dose!

While I was in the spray painting mode, I cut two large "rock" shapes out of cardboard, and spray painted them with two different shades of gray and a dark bronze to give them a dimensional look. A smaller cardboard box will be attached to the back of each, making them freestanding.

I left the car for several days, to make sure the paint had completely dried before I "rocked it out!" :)

Out of canvas-like material, I made a rag top.
Added a large plastic bone to the front, and several bones made from paper here and there over the car, and as hub-caps.

Added a custom license plate.

While in Georgia last weekend, I found the toys below for $1-$3, at the Barnyard Flea Market.
{All except Fred, he was an eBay find for $4.00}

A few of them will sit inside the car, the others will be scattered around our decorated trunk.

To tie our Trunk or Treat Theme together, and give it a Biblical basis,
I made a small yard flag out of the canvas, with excerpts of Psalms 61:1-2.
It will be hung on a flag stand, placed in a fern sitting in an old cast iron washpot.

Can't wait to share pictures of our exhibit completed Sunday, and hopefully some of the other participants.
Kevin says I've gone a little overboard --- but, I say, "Go BIG or go home!" :)
And David says, "It's for Jesus and the children!" So it's all good!


  1. THAT CAR IS ADORABLE! You did an AWESOME job on it! :) Hope y'all have fun!

  2. That car is soooo cute...Great makeover! Love your creativity!..Thanks for stopping by my home tour for Coastal Charm.

  3. how adorable ~ such creativity! Sounds like so much fun. So glad you dropped by at Places of my Heart.

  4. That car turned out so cute! What a great idea.

  5. Hi Rhonda! Oh, this sounds like great fun! Your little car you transformed is just perfect and the toys! :) Now you make sure you take lots of photos! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. The Flintstone mobile is the cutest thing ever...so clever! Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  7. That little ROCK car is the cutest thing I've ever seen. You did a FANTASTIC job on it....

  8. I just love it.....this car is absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see pictures of you all dressed up as Fred and the gang!

  9. Love the costume and that car is the perfect accessory. Hope y'all had fun last night!

  10. This is just SO clever, and I love the part about "God is my rock!" Soooooo cute. Love this idea!




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