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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday evening, Ashley and her friends, Cassie and Tess, got together at our house to bake cupcakes and watch "Alice and Wonderland."

They started off with a group hug, ...and aprons from my stash!

Ashley, below, "Come on Mom, ....pictures...really???"
{Uttered in a non-believing, slightly sarcastic, teenage girl tone! :) If you have one in your family, you know the tone!}

The rooster on my lamp gained a hat, ...the non-stick spray lid." Clever girls, aren't they???

Tess was voted, "Best Cupcake Ice'er!"
Not sure what Ashley was doing. Smelling the strawberry, in the Strawberry Icing, perhaps?

The best part, the taste test!
My favorite part of the night, hearing the girls' laughter and giggles!
...priceless! :)

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