Easy Treatments for Odd Size Windows

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I guess we are pretty fortunate in my home, to have a lot of windows, letting in a lot of glorious sunshine.
...but they are odd shapes, which can be a challenge when dressing them up a bit.

You may remember about a month ago, I was contemplating new window treatments,
fabric samples below....

I typically do not spend a lot on custom window treatments, just because I like to change them
every few years (or less!).

The brown was fine, and cute, but I wanted something less whimsical, brighter, 
and wanted to bring in some blues.  So I picked the middle fabric.

A glimpse of the brown panels at Valentines, below....

For a simple, and inexpensive treatment,  I measured my windows, and added about an 1/2 inch extra allowance around the panel, and made the panel pattern from newspaper with a yard stick.
       How easy was that!

Desiring a "cleaner lines" look, I decided to go with straight, boxy panels this time.

I cut the panels from the fabric and liner, and sewed them together just as you would a pillow,
turned, ironed them, and sewed up the seam.

And now for my trick...

Because the windows are an odd size, and curtain rods just aren't conducive,
I used velcro, attaching one side to the panel and one side to the window frame above.

Originally, the velcro strips were self-adhesive, but I was able to salvage the velcro and reuse it
by just peeling it off the brown fabric and hot-gluing the strips to the new pieces.

Caution:  {From a lesson learned! ha!}  Make sure the velcro on the new fabric lines up with the old fabric velcro placement, so that the panels match up with the velcro pieces on the window frame. 

The next step is very important in making the curtains appear as though they are on a rod or cornice.
Attach the velcro to the front side of the panel, (right side of the fabric), then when you attach them to velcro on the window frame, flip them over.  They stand out just enough to not look like they are pasted to the window and hanging from the frame, which they are! :)

This will drive your inquisitive friends crazy, and you're sure to catch them peeking at the underside of your treatments when you re-enter the room ...no lie! LOL!

Fresh, new look....

I'm loving the new look, and it seems the perfect fit for the beginning of Spring!  ~Rhonda :)


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  1. Oh, Rhonda, this is so pretty! What a simple idea and it looks like a million dollars!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Very nice! I think that's pretty tricky using velcro- who would have guessed! I like the fabric you chose.

  3. What a nifty thrifty idea...LOVE IT!!!


  4. They look gorgeous Rhonda - absolutely gorgeous!!!
    ( so does your home )

  5. Rhonda, they looks gorgeous! What a fabulous idea! Love the fabric!

  6. This is a pretty ingenious use of Velcro. So do you not have any blinds on these windows at all, or did I miss that part? I just wondered with all the sun you must get through those gorgeous windows. They look wonderful up there. I liked your part about them driving your inquisitive friends crazy!

  7. What a great idea to use the Velcro like this! The fabric is beautiful ~ great job.


  8. lovely fabric and great idea. Do you have any other coverings for those windows? The road outside the window is too close for me. I'd have to have some covering.

    1. Thanks, Margaret! But that's not the road you see, but a tennis court in our backyard (installed by the previous owners). :)

  9. Rhonda,
    That's ingenious. Great idea.

  10. They look lovely, but heck - I know some people who would have kept the fabric stuck up there with the duct tape! Jeff Foxworthy needs to see that photo!

  11. Wow, these turned out great! Your windows look fantastic!

  12. Wow! You made that look so simple. What a great idea to use Velcro. It looks like you have a very bright and sunny kitchen. Enjoy your week.
    xoxo Michelle. thebashfulnest.blogspot.com

  13. I have a similar treatment in my house, but I staple the fabric to thin wood - and like you, I like to change it often so it is easy and inexpensive! I love the fabric you chose - I just bought fabric with some green, so that I can brighten my room up a bit!

  14. Love your new window treatments, such a neat idea to hang them too! Love the pattern!

  15. Beautiful job and love the tip for hanging! Like your choice of fabric as well.

    Similar to Patti I have used thin pieces of wood with stapled on velcro that are permanently secured and inside mounted within the window frame(s). This method makes it both easy and economical to change out the window coverings plus is ideal for 'fabric shades' that are particularly heavier in weight and/or operative.

  16. What a great idea. They really look so pretty. I would love for you to come and link this up to my Swing into Spring party going on right now. Hope to see you there. http://diybydesign.blogspot.com

  17. Love the fabric you chose, it's perfect! And the idea of using velcro this way, ingenious! such a great look....

  18. Love this bay window and the valances look amazing. Thanks for joining TTT and I wish you and your family a very Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

  19. you're one smart girl! love your choice of fabric!!

  20. They look great! I would have never though to use velcro! I am having a linky party on sunday (starts saturday at 6pm) please link this up and any of your other latest projects.

  21. So pretty and what a brilliant idea! Blessings to you, Patti

  22. I love the look. What is the color of the green on your walls?


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