Candyland Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

 Even though Christmas has passed, and many have, ...or are in the throes of putting away their decor, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to share my sister-in-law's super cute Candyland theme tree.

Her office was issued a challenge by another office to pick a theme and then decorate for Christmas accordingly.   I'm not sure what the winning team won, maybe just bragging rights!   Leighann's tree brought home the victory,  and rightly so!  She's a talented decorator!  I'll have to share her home with you all one day.

Is this tree gorgeous or what, love all the whimsical touches!
...and the sweet gingerbread accents, certainly over the top!

They placed colored squares in a pattern on the wall around the room leading to the tree to represent Candyland game squares.

A pretty swag was added over the office window...

My SIL has a large collection of ribbon!

Swag over another window...

Job well done, Leighann!  :)

On another note, while looking for after-Christmas bargains at our local Walmart last weekend, I ran across this delightful little book.  It wasn't on sale, but was slightly discounted as many of their books are.  Beautifully illustrated, it will be a family Christmas keepsake!

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed New Years!


  1. Oh that tree is adorable! My sister decorates her tree with a candy theme, too.

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. What an amazing tree! She did a super cute job!

    Happy New Year!



  3. Love the Candyland tree! Happy New Year!

  4. Since I'm a big fan of a peppermint or sugar plum theme, I am nuts about your Candy Land. That is just adorable.

    I laughed at that last part about resolutions. So true so often. Sigh...

  5. Well this is a pretty blog!! never seen it before! Dropped in tonight...just letting you know I'd been here! Enjoyed the pretty pictures!

  6. Adorable and I loved the cartoon at the end!


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