A Dilemma

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The yard sale'n bounty has been pretty fruitful the past two weekends!
That's a good thing! :)

So, here's my dilemma...
My intentions were to rent a booth in an Antique/Flea Market Mall at the end of the month,
and I've been buying and storing stock over the summer.
BUT, I'm continually tempted to keep most of what I've found, for myself!

Like the chair below --- $10.00!!!
Found the perfect spot for it as soon as I got home.
And, I already have a vision for the perfect makeover!
The little silver tea cups and saucers, brown tea pot, and Japan figurine were 10 cents each!
The green glass candleholder was .25!
Pot has a slight surface crack, but for 10 cents...couldn't pass that one up!
The brass tray, prettier in person...another keeper!
Already on my kitchen table -- part of a fall vignette! {$1.00}
Tea cups and saucers were dirty, but I worked on one set and think they will clean up easily and nicely.
Does anyone have any info on these pieces?

The price was right on these two, too....25 cents each!
Large metal wall basket...$1.50.
~~ potential keeper ~~
Cute rabbit planter --- a tempting keeper, but I have one similar.
A vintage purse with wooden handles and mother-of-pearl buttons, very clean inside.
Have a friend who collects these...will probably be keeper for a Christmas gift.

Resisting the urge to spray-paint these, and use them as accents under a few pictures.
Entertaining Season is coming up, these will come in handy...keepers below.
But for $1.00 -- brand-new -- how can I not?

So I have a question, for anyone who might read this post and have experience with booths...should I pack up and wait until the Spring, or dive in and open up shop now???

Concerned that the coming winter months may be really slow. The Antique/Flea Market Mall is not far from the Interstate. Thinking that may be a plus....
more dilemmas!

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  1. I have no idea on how the booths work but I wish you luck with it! You did find some incredible values too. I wish I had your eye. We just don't get the wonderful things you do around here....or maybe my unimaginative eye can't see the beauty. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. If you were in a cooler climate, I would say wait until spring, because sales go down in the winter. In a warmer climate, I'm just not sure!

  3. Good luck with you booth. You have some great finds! I would be tempted to keep these things too! It is so hard to let some go.

  4. I love, love, love your chair! Awesome! I understand your dilemma as I am experiencing the exact same thing - what to keep and what to go? It's very hard to decide!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  5. Rhonda, I would have a hard time parting with those items too; especially the bunny. I just bought two coffee/tea cup holders out of silver, with glass cups for inside. Are yours silver or are they pottery? Mine look a bit like yours only with small flowers cut out of the silver. I wish all the best at your sale. Kathi

  6. You are too cute, I have a shop, I too, face the same problem on occasion.. lol.. love the chair and the corbel shelves.. they would be probably be a keeper for me.. lol.. Good luck in the renting of your booth and keeping it full and then sold out... hugs ~lynne~

  7. I have a similar chair that was my mothers, but with a cane back and upholstered seat. We always called it the Egyptian chair. I'm trying to decide what to do with it, but I've been saying that for 10 years. If you re-do it, I'd love to see how it comes out.

  8. It is so lovely, but I must say that green velvet is awfully pretty as is - great find!


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