Ironstone With A Story To Tell

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back in the spring,
I found these beautiful pieces of old ironstone.

 For the life of me,
I can't remember if I bought them at an auction or yard sale,
but I do remember they were relatively cheap.

When you're in the vintage biz,
it all starts running together!

Don't you just love the intricate details of the lids and handles!

An added bonus to collecting any item with age,
is to know the history behind it!

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I turned over one of the dishes 
and found that the history had been recorded on the bottom, by a family member.
This ironstone piece had a story to tell!

That is pretty priceless, wouldn't you say?

{I think there's lesson to be learned, too, about caring for ironstone! :)}

...southern fried chicken,
I can just taste it now!
Don't you know it was some kind of good!

I was very tempted to keep these pieces,
but in the end, I sold them at a show.

When I was buying and selling vintage goods, 
it was very hard to part with some things.

...I so agree!


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  1. Those pieces are beautiful....I have one of those covered dishes...I am always on the hunt for ironstone!..Love the story on the bottom...makes it so very special!!!

  2. Hi Rhonda! Oh, you did good! These are just beautiful pieces and to think someone took the time to write the story on the bottom of the casserole! They look pretty sitting on your sunny table. Thanks for popping in to see Babbette!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. That handwritten note on the bottom is awesome! Such great pieces. You are a good collector!

  4. I love the style of those dishes, their lids and handles, and also the color sheen. Beautiful. The story is so interesting too. We have a Franciscan Ware "Desert Rose" bowl from Aunt Wanda, that survived a tornado in Oklahoma. I'm so glad she wrote a note explaining the chip. Thank you for sharing, Rhonda. Kathi

  5. Visiting you back from my blog...thanks for visiting me! I love ironstone and just started collecting it. I found 4 pitchers in graduated sizes and I was hooked! I am not selling those although I do have a hard time selling most of the stuff I find for my shop!!

  6. I love ironstone pieces -- what a great collection & story. Reminds us that we should look for ways to record bits of our family's history for future generations. I inherited china from an aunt but I don't think anyone would know where it came from. I will now inscribe the underside of a plate!

  7. What a fun surprise discovery! I know nothing about collecting vintage pieces, yours are beautiful!

  8. Hi Rhonda. I adore your covered ironstone and what a sweet surprise was waiting for you on the bottom of that one piece. Such a treasure! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and for your kind comments. Have a wonderful weekend, Jane

  9. Those pieces are so beautiful, Rhonda! It's amazing that someone wrote that story on the bottom. I've never seen anything like that.


  10. What a wonderful find! I too love ironstone....looks so welcoming .......and to have a story left for future owners!

  11. Rhonda,
    Gorgeous ironstone pieces, dear one!!!
    Thank you for sharing the story of the crazing!!!
    Great finds for another "lucky" Lady!!!

  12. Adorable story. What a great idea someone had to write it right on the bottom.

  13. This story is lovely and unique! All the pieces are gorgeous, wish I bought them from you, I'm sorry you did sell them at the end.

  14. I love ironstone, too, and especially pieces that come with a story. How funny that they documented the crack!


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