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Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's quite an advantage having an avid deer hunter for a step-father-in-law
when you're in need of a few deer antlers for Christmas decorating!

I created a dining room centerpiece using an old dough bowl, a strand of faux greenery garland,  spray painted magnolia leaves (raided from a bestie's yard),  a few metallic pine cone ornaments,  and several antler racks.  The only things I purchased for the project were the ornaments and a can of gold spray paint (had the silver on hand).

Please keep in mind, I'm still using my Samsung Note for photos and the post, plus the lighting in the dining room is not conducive with good photography.   I can say this is one of my very favorite arrangements I've put together for this room and intend on using it through the winter!  Love it!

Just an added bonus,  if you follow my blog, you may notice my dining room is a different color.  I wanted to lighten the room and went with what I thought was a more greenish blue color.   I painted it last fall, and I'm still not convinced I love it.  

Below are a few shots of the previous deep olive color from Christmas last year...

I guess we'll see how long the new color last!  ;)

...until later, Rhonda


  1. Well, I adore deer antlers, and you did a great job with the arrangements. I like your new color, but you are the one who ultimately has to be happy with it. Everything you do, though, looks great to me!



  2. This centerpiece is gorgeous, Rhonda! The antlers are the perfect accent! The new wall color looks great, as well! I am so out of the loop on Christmas decor this year; but, I am enjoying everyone else's decor. Your touches are beautiful!

  3. If you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the new blue/greenish color you used in your dining room? Thanks!


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