The Whole World in His Hands - Mini Globes for Decorating

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You know how one purchase can lead to another,
... which leads to another, 
...which leads to another?
{Please tell me that does happen to you, that I'm not alone! ha!}

What starts out as a bargain, or thriftin' find, can snowball into additional non-bargains? ha!

Recently, I found some really cute things while junk shopping for my booths that I wanted to use
in my own home!  

The porcelain orbs below, were purchased at the Salvation Army, 6 for $2 a piece. 
I fell in love with the black, white, and green color combos!

The $2 orbs led to an additional $20 for "just the right" glass canister, found at Stein Mart.
Plus the boxwood orbs, which were $3 each.

So much for my "bargain decor," ...which mushroomed into not so much of a bargain, huh?

No regrets, though!  The canister filled with the pretty orbs goes perfectly with the springy vignette
on the foyer table!

A few days later, I found the metal piece below, at a yard sale for $2.00.

I took a trip back to Stein Mart for more boxwood orbs.
In the meantime, they'd stocked a few additional styles, including the mini globe below.

When I saw the sweet little globe orbs, the song I learned in preschool many years ago came across my mind...  "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."

The precious pint size globe fits right in the palm of your hand!

As I was freshening things up with my other finds, I was in search of a greenery wreath to hang on the mirror in the dining room.  Unable to find one in the size needed, ...and budget friendly, I opted for a plain twig wreath and garland of greenery from Hobby Lobby.  I wrapped the airy garland around the wreath.  Works perfectly!

...and on a side note, painting my dining room will be my next home project!
It will be quick job, if only I can pick a color and recruit help to move the furniture.

I'm trying to decide between SW Sea Salt, SW Silvermist, and SW Ryegrass.

Stein Mart also had the globe orbs in vintage globe colors...

And I knew I had the perfect spot for one.
My daughter gave me the "SWEET" cloche, a couple of weeks ago for my birthday.
The colors show well in the cloche!

 to do more junkin,'  how about you! :)


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  1. Beautiful vignettes, Rhonda! I do love those green orbs! They are such a pretty pop of color. I COMPLETELY understand the whole "one thing leads to another" thing. Happens to me all the time & my so called deals end up not deals afterall! lol

  2. Hi Rhonda! The vignette is so pretty! I like how it brings the colors right outside the door, into your home! Ah, Stein Mart! Love that store! The metal piece was a steal! Your home is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh I think those little globes are just the thing! Very nice vignettes...choosing colors is so difficult for me that I wish you all the best with it and don't envy you the task.

  4. Great finds and I love your little globes! Your scale too...sweet!

  5. You did a great job!!! And these are all my style...Southern Traditional!!!


  6. I love the orbs! They are so neat. I haven always loved globes, too, Rhonda. You were blessed to find those. They look great in your house.

    Can't wait to see which color you choose for the DR. I know it will be beautiful, as it's beautiful now. You do good work, girlfriend!



  7. Well, Well, Well.... globes! What a wonderful idea. All of it, so pretty! I am sooooo inspired. I am sure this one thing WILL lead me to another and another.. like, heading out to find me some globes and boxwood. Your vignette is gorgeous! PERFECT!

  8. Love love love the entry hallway!!

  9. So pretty! Love orbs!! Your vignettes are gorgeous!~~Angela

  10. It all looks wondervul w/your dark wood furniture.

  11. Oh my, I can't pick a favorite! I never would have thought to do this with little globes!!

  12. I love the orbs and globes! I so wish we had a HomeGoods closer...but then again it might be dangerous. Ha!

  13. Everything is beautiful, as usual, Rhonda! Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am starting over in blogland and hope you have time to stop by. I just got to missing it and wanted a change!

  14. I have a real "thing" for orbs and have them in all sorts of containers sprinkled around my house. I've never seen the mini globes before though. I'll have to keep my eye out for them. I love how you've used the ones that you have!


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