Mantels - A Year Full Circle

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Okay readers, (dear friends of mine)...
do any of you have those "trouble-spots" in decorating???

Maybe dining room tablescapes,
a particular odd shaped bedroom,
kitchen counter,
a porch,

Personally, mantels are my Achilles' heel of decorating
...a real booger for me!

I could go on,
with a long list why decorating my mantel stumps me so,
but I won't bore you with the details! 

But would you like to know what the really ironic thing is?
...of course,  you're just dying to know, right! ha!

Mantels have been close to my top viewed posts for the last several years.

Maybe folks are pinning them as "what not to do!"  ha!

The mantel above, is January 2013's edition.

But just for fun, I thought I'd share some of my mantels from 2012...

After Christmas 2011,
I was in a decluttering, simplifying stage.

I thought I'd really accomplished something with my "Mixing Metals" Mantel.

...what was I thinking???

Simple, yea,
...and boring, a big ol' yea!

The next mantel I posted was way over in the Fall...

Christmas came,
and my mantel got a more festive makeover...

Full circle,
we have the mantel as it appears now,
in January 2013, below...

Still simple,
but I'm hoping the different textures and pops of color make it interesting,
...enough!  :)

The dog figurine was found at a flea market while on our Anniversary Trip in December.

The ball in the urn was found at Home Goods after Christmas, half off.
I'm just a little crazy about this piece.

The living room holds many of my resolutions (i.e. projects), for the coming year,
starting with more neutral window treatments and rug.

Is it any wonder the mantel is a source of decorating confusion for me?
Noone even really knows the correct spelling...mantel or mantle. 

Join me back at Ramblings of a Southern Girl in a few days,
I'll have a post up on Tickle's last week at our home,
and then it's on with the New Year, ...and new projects! :)


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  1. They all look fantastic to me! It helps to have beautiful kids! ;D

  2. I'd say you have them down to a fine art and that's why they are Pinned! They are beautiful.

  3. I think each one looks wonderful! You did an excellent job with your mantels throughout the year.

    If it makes you feel any better, I struggle with mine too. It's just so big & so challenging to decorate.

  4. Your mantel is gorgeous, but I know just what you mean about how hard it is to get it right! Our living room mantel is very shallow and that makes it even more challenging to decorate.

    Ha ha! I read a post about how many bloggers misspell mantel, and then had to go back and make sure I spelled it right in all of my older posts. I found a few errors along the way. :@

  5. I don't know how in the world you can say that mantels are a booger for you! I think yours are gorgeous!

  6. Okay so my dictionary says it's mantle because a mantel is a sleeveless coat or to take something upon oneself such as the "mantel" of responsibility. So who knows after all. Being a trascriptionist this is how our spell checker says it is.

    This, however you spell it, is beautiful even undressed with your gorgeous wood detail around it. I'd love to see more of your gorgeous home. I remember when you had all this put in the house. Someday, someday, I'll be able to decorate again and have this house how I want it, until then it will stay boring and child-proof!

  7. Rhonda, you really have done some great mantels! I have no idea where I'm going with ours. I just put everything back the way it was after Christmas. Maybe I'll get inspired this week!

  8. I think your mantels are always pretty. Mine stay the same all year except for Christmas. lol :)

  9. You had some gorgeous mantels. I love your home it looks so cozy! I would love to do a home tour sometime. Shoot me an email if your interested.
    Happy new year to you:)

  10. You change your mantels as often as I change outfits! LOL!
    Each one is so lovely...



  11. Great mantel ideas, really loved the Christmas one!
    blessings, Nellie

  12. They are all gorgeous. I love how you can change the look with just a few different accessories. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. I think your mantels are beautiful! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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