'bout that time again

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The strangest thing happened,
last week while I was painting away,
 my creative juices flowing in a fury,
getting things ready for my new booth,
....MY laundry did NOT stop for time! ha!
Nope, it grew and multiplied to scary heights!

While I was painting,
my children were busy cleaning their rooms,
(encouraged to do so, to get their gaming controllers back from Mom's hock, ha!).
And I do believe they threw everything but the curtains on the windows down to be washed.
Pretty good cleaning strategy, huh???

So instead of doing fun, creative projects this week,
I've been doing laundry,
...and cleaning my own bedroom,
(got to lead by example, you know, "smiles").
Which I kid you not, has taken on a sad resemblance to Hoarders,
Pretty shameful, huh??? 
 Just keeping it real!

We've also been getting ready for Ashley to move back to college!
She made the super cute hanger for her dorm room,
to remedy the plight of losing her keys.

She started with a plain wood canvas, found in the craft section of Walmart.

After painting the entire board white,
 she taped off half to create a chevron pattern, with black craft paint.

Screw hooks were added to hang the keys.

And a bow was added, hot-glued to the back,
for hanging to the wall.

The "A" was recycled from a dorm project last year,
and just given a new coat of shiny, hot pink!

Last year, her dorm linens and accessories were more muted,
with a pretty, soft tealish blue being the main color.
But against the stark, white dorm walls, it all lacked a little luster.

She is using most of what she had,
 but brightening the room with more hot pink, and touches of black.

Having gotten a little shabby, her comforter needed replacing.
But I was able to wash it, sell it at a yard sale, and recoup a little $$$.

Below, is the new comforter...
(Stock photo, borrowed)

She also added a black monogram, to the pink trashcan from last year.

Hard to believe the summer has almost passed,
and she will be starting her second year of college!

....yep, it's 'bout that time!
And we are about ready!
Well, physically that is, ...emotionally, I'm not so sure! :)


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  1. What cute stuff to take to college! I love the key holder she made and I think it's great that girls try to find their style at such a young age.

  2. Ahhhh, the emotions that run through us when our kids are moving on and we don't see them so much. I can totally relate to this post. Love what she's done for her keys! Brianna absolutely loved pink and everything I see here would be a "must have" for her! Kellianne's room was hot pink with black trim and the white and black checkerboard on the bottom but her favorite color is purple, go figure! She never tired of the room though and it was that way for six years. Anyway, the black and pink and checkerboards are no more. I'm finishing up painting the doors and putting my sewing room together and then I'll post it. Sadly, I swear I had pictures of her room but found that the ones I used on RMS were on a different camera and never saved to the computer. I found some old pictures of Kaje' in her room to use for the post that will give people the idea.

    I know you'll enjoy Ashley while she's here and maybe even smile a little while you do all that laundry! Crazy me, doesn't mind doing laundry at all. I love the clean fresh smell of it and having it all nicely folded or hung up.

    Brianna's family is coming today to stay until Sunday and I can hardly wait!! I better get off the computer and get the house ready for her. Got a ton of dishes to get done! Too bad we can't switch chores....I'd do your laundry and you could do my dishes!

  3. I love your daughter's key hanger! She did a super job. It will go perfectly with her new comforter & accessories.

  4. My son cleans the same way, just put it all in the laundry! :) Such a cute & functional project!

  5. Oh the key hanger is adorable!! I love the way she decorated the trash can also. I agree great colors!

  6. I, too, am getting ready for my daughter to go back for her second year of college. Two more weeks! But since she has been working this summer, we haven't seen her much; it's like she's been at school. I really like the colors your daughter chose for her room, and her key holder is cute!

  7. I've got 2 kids who both went to college for 4 years. That means I moved them a total of 16 times...and you know what? I would love to go back and do it all again. Have a blast!

  8. Her room sounds like it's going to be gorgeous!


  9. Hi Rhonda! Oh, I hear ya - laundry. Even with no kids at home anymore it never gets done! :)
    Your daughter's project for her dorm room is really cute and needful too.
    Have a great weekend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. i'm sure she's got the best looking dorm room! love that pink and white fabric thing on the right hand side...hard to tell what it is, tho.

  11. Hi Rhonda! Summer sure goes by quick doesn't it! The dorm room is going to be so cute! Like Mother, like daughter, with the creativity! Love the color scheme! Blessings from Bama!


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