You Never Know What You Will See...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

...when traveling along the backroads!

Thursday, we set out for a whirlwind two-day road trip,
a mixture of business, pleasure, and to attend the out-of-town funeral for one of my best friend's dad.
We covered many miles, from the upper coast of NC, the Inner Banks, onto Rocky Mount, down to Raleigh, spending the night in Burlington, and around to the Piedmont Region.

Imagine our surprise, 
as we stumbled onto the over 6000 square foot house below, around Alamance, NC.
It was one of those, 
"did I just see what I think I saw, make a u-turn, as I grab my camera," kind of moment!!!
Good thing I was riding shot-gun that day, so I focus of taking pictures! :)

A vinyl siding man's dream, ha!

Those of you who read my blog,
know I am all for repurposing and salvaging stuff.
And the owners of this home have preserved many a relic in this creation!

I googled the home, which is on Alamance Church Road, not far from I-85,
and found that the home was originally built in 1895, having only one bathroom.
It sold in 1995, for $39,000.

Click HERE for the web article.

Intricate Woodwork and Old Stain Glass...

Eclectic Mix of Statuary...

As far as we could tell, the home stands empty.
Interesting, huh???

On the way home, we stopped off in Downtown Sanford,
which contains many quaint little shops and several antique malls.
Due to the time, we only had a short while to browse through one,
The Sanford Antique Mall on Sth Moore Street.

I was tickled to find the vintage scale, below,
for $18.00, which I thought was a steal ...until I looked on ebay!
It was a fair deal, considering I didn't have to pay shipping,
but nonetheless, I'm sure I'll enjoy it once I unpack and find a new home for it!  :)

Stay tuned, I have more road trip adventures to share!
We packed a lot in a short two days!

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  1. Rhonda, what a home, huge home I must say. Never saw so many statues and carvings on property. Isn't it strange that it only has 1 bathroom?

    Love your scale.

  2. I'm going to go over later and read that article. I can't believe it sold for only $39,000 in the 1990s! I absolutely love the widow's walk on the top of it. I've read about those and how the women would walk up there waiting for their husband's ships to come in. I wonder if it still has only one bathroom....hmmmm, now I for sure have to go over and read that article! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a house! Never seen anything like that before. Wonder what it's like inside.
    Love your old scale. $18 is a great deal where I live.
    Mary Alice

  4. That is very interesting. I am going to browse through the article.

  5. Hi Rhonda! Oh, that is an interesting house! Looks a a few houses put together doesn't it? If only that house could talk.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. The scale is perfect. I love old vintage scales. They are some of my favorite kitchen pieces.

  7. That house is incredible! It seems to go on and on. Wouldn't you love to see the inside of it??

    Love the scale. You'll have a lot of fun creating interesting vignettes with it.

  8. OK, my parents live in Alamance County, so now I have to take a road trip to see this house. The village of Alamance is tiny; this house must take up half the village. Wonder if I know of the owners.

    So happy you're joining us for the Southern Bloggers Conference.

    And I wish I could remember the last name of my college friend who is from Whiteville. Very tall blonde guy named Trey, probably a firefighter... That is going to bother me all day now! :)

  9. Wow! That's quite a house! if it wasn't that pretty blue and all I'd be thinking reminds me of Norman Bates' house! LOL...I think I'll pass on the gargoyles!
    I'm heading to the conference too! Hope we get to meet!


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