Visit to the Big Apple

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, Ashley and I made a trek to New York City! I wouldn't want to live there permanently, (unless I was in my 20's -- and I'm not!) but I sure do enjoy the opportunity to immerse myself in short doses to it!

Landing at LaGuardia, we were greeted by overcast, cloudy skies, which did little to dampen our moods. Shortly after we checked into our hotel, we went in search of lunch and happened upon...The Soup Man Restaurant.

Fortunately, the staff was very nice, the food was good, and we didn't hear, "NO soup for You!" (Reminiscent of the Soup Nazi from Seinfield)
The first night, we went to The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre to see The Adams Family.

It was AWESOME!!!

Bebe Neuwirth (Morticia), Roger Rees (Gomez), Brad Oscar (Uncle Fester), and Jackie Hoffman (Grandma) were brilliant!!! The script was hilarious and the set phenomenal. If in NYC, I highly recommend seeing it!
Later, the skies that had threatened to unload all day...did...while we were in Times Square...several blocks from our hotel!

Ashley below.... The next day, we headed to the Green Flea for a little "junk shopping." There were not nearly as many vendors as the last time we visited, which was probably due to the projected weather forecast...a little disappointing. But Ashley still managed to find some cute jewelry pieces.

The booth below, under the blue tent, had the most fabulous re-purposed furniture! I tried several times to get a better picture, but it was very popular and crowded with onlookers...and with good reason! Next, we headed over to Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.

Personally, when it is in it's prime, I prefer the Green Flea, but Ashley did score some nice jewelry for a good price at Hell's Kitchen.

And being that it obviously doesn't take much to impress me ("smiles")...

I was fascinated by the various food trucks that lined the streets of the flea market...

A Lobster Truck... A Rickshaw Dumpling Truck...

And a Taco Truck!

Being from NC, I'm accustomed to primarily seeing trucks offering Hotdogs, BBQ, Ice Cream, or Fried Funnel Cakes! :) All staples of fine southern festival food!
Another shot below, from Hell's Kitchen Flea...

One thing I've learned, if you want affordable food in NYC, get off the main streets and hit the local dives...such as the one below.

Right down from Hell's Kitchen, we picked up a few slices of pizza for lunch.

At Fat Sal's, the prices were cheap, and the food was great! That afternoon we shopped...alot!!!

Hitting SOHO, and then Macy's.

Somehow, my trips always conveniently fall in the middle of a huge shoe sale at Macy's! :) Or maybe they have them year round...who knows.

Macy's and Century 21 (which we visited the day before), are always two must-stops for us!

In SOHO, the Hollister Models were available for photo-opps.

And who would pass up the chance...certainly not Ashley! :)

And being that I am a creature of habit, another routine indulgement for me in NYC is Junior's Cheesecakes!

Junior's Pineapple Cheesecake...sweet heaven on earth! My partner in crime...Ashley texting her boyfriend! Ahh, young love! :)

Although I can't really call her a partner in crime...she was "good" and ordered a fruit cup instead of cheesecake...who has that kind of willpower???

In the middle of Times Square that night, the 2011 Tony Awards were airing live. We happened upon the large overhead screen when Sutton Foster was giving a performance from her latest Broadway Production, Anything Goes, in which she was awarded the 2011 Best Actress Award for.

Sutton Foster is an amazing actress. I had the pleasure of seeing her years ago in Modern Millie, with Delta Burke. (And her aunt lives less than a mile from me!) And on the morning of our last day, Ashley and I visited Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Ashley stealing a kiss from Justin, below...Playing a little basketball...

and hanging with Spongebob! :)

"The crime problem in NY is getting really serious. The other day the Statue of Liberty had both hands up." --Jay Leno

On our final stroll through Times Square, we were greeted with tunes from the Naked Cowboy...a NY tradition!

Maybe it's time for some traditions to be broken...Just sayin'! :)


  1. What a choice wonderful time for you and Ashley! I'm so jealous of you getting such fun one-on-one time. Kaje' and I have been having one-on-one time too but it's been spent driving her to Salt Lake to see her boyfriend who's been in the hospital off and on for four months. Let's hope this last surgery is the definitive cure!

    P.S. Ashley is beautiful as always but looks like she's dropped some weight. She looks fabulous between the two models! Bet she wanted to take at least one home with her, lol!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Kaje's boyfriend is actually very ill with complications from ulcerative colitis and ulcerative diverticulitis. He had his colon removed a few months ago (he spent his 22nd birthday in the hospital) and he just had the third surgery to reattach his intestines to what's called a J-pouch that they formed in the second surgery so he can get rid of the ostomy bag. I haven't blogged it bz it's a sensitive issue so please don't comment on specifics on my blog :) General things are okay though (double smiles bz I love comments!). They plan on marrying next May or June which normally I would think she's too young for but this disease has made her grow up in so many ways and she'll get married anyway even if I think she's too young. He'll also be leaving to start his Masters program then so it's good timing. She's not officially engaged but will be sometime after Trav is home in Dec. Long story but that's the way she wants it. Luckily we love him to pieces so this is a good thing. Jake just was readmitted to the hospital last week for complications so we're praying they find out what the problem is and that he can come home soon. It's kind of quiet around here without him on Sundays bz he always was here for dinner!

    Take care and I hope you keep having some fun trips with Ashley, even if it's just a local trip to the thrift store (since I know you love that). I'll take any one-on-one time with my kids I can get!


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