Drama Fest

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not a whole lot to "report" for the weeks since I last posted.
Just enjoying these final weeks of Summer Vacation,
and preparing to go back to school.
...More about that later!
This year will be a biggie for us!
Lots of firsts and lots of lasts.
Last Sunday Night, the Youth and Ladies Drama Team, Speechless, of our church led a special service, Drama Fest.
Each group performed sign/movements to different Christian songs.
It was an awesome service!!!
Ashley was in three of the songs, and I've shared two of them below.
~Take a moment and check them out.~
Hope you will be blessed!!! :)

Stained Glass Masquerade @ Yahoo! Video

In the video above, the lady reading the introduction, April, is the very talented one who leads and directs the dramas.

Below, is a Solo Presentation by Ashley, to "My Redeemer Lives," by Nicole C. Mullin.

My Redeemer Lives @ Yahoo! Video


  1. Ashley did a fabulous job. Has she lost weight? Maybe the video doesn't add the pounds that your regular camera does, lol! She just looks so much taller and thinner in this. I was fascinated bz my son is over a deaf ward as well as a hearing ward in Hawaii and the sign language was beautiful. At first when I read it I thought she'd be singing. Now I have to run back and listen to the other one in the group on my next break here at work!

    Hope all is well with you and your's. I think of you often.

  2. Oh it's so lovely! Just like watching ballet. Ashley is terrific! And what a great song...

  3. Rhonda, these are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  4. I love that you shared this Rhonda! Ashley did a beautiful job!!


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