Before the Morning

Friday, July 16, 2010

A month since my last post...
How quickly time passes!
Life here has been busy, some of it in an unexpected way.

About a month ago,
was when on a Monday morning I received a phone call that rocked my world to the core. Forgive me for not divulging the specifics. I don't want to violate the privacy of those involved. I've not asked permission to share this, especially in a public forum.

So in a vague sort of way, here goes....

Kevin and I had been praying for a couple in my family going through a rough circumstance. This couple is very dear to me, and my heart was breaking for all those involved. There were times, that those prayers were uttered while face down on the church altar. I know that we can pray anywhere, anytime, and God hears us, but for me, there is nothing like bringing your cares to the altar, and leaving them there for Him.

The situation had escalated to a point until it seemed there was little hope it would work out. And still we had faith, and continued to pray. Then THE CALL came. Kevin was there when I answered. As I hung up the phone, my words were, "I prayed so hard, and this is the just keeps getting worse." For a split second, I wondered if God had heard any of my prayers. If He wasn't going to come through this time. It is humbling now, to admit to my thoughts and words. Ashamed that I let my faith weaken, that I doubted God, didn't trust his handling of the situation. I've seen Him work many times, witnessed His hand in small ways and big ways in my life. How could this have been my reaction???
I quickly dressed and went to my family. The hour drive seemed much longer, and along the way, I prayed yet again, "God, this is so much bigger than I can deal with, that I know how to deal with. You take it. With everything I have in me, I give it to you. Guide every word I say, or better yet, let me remain silent, except for the things you would have me say." I realized that of the many times I prayed before, I sincerely thought I had given it totally over to Him, trusted Him to take care of it. But in reality, I was still thinking of ways I could "fix" the situation, or least help. I even thought of ways God could fix the situation. Why did I think God needed my help or suggestions???
Before noon that very day, I began to see things turn around. I witnessed relationships being restored, and bonds being strengthened. I saw a family I dearly love, headed to become another dismal statistic, come together in unity. I was a part of some of those relationships, and am so blessed by the restoration! Through a terribly horrific incident, so much good has come from it. My prayers continue to be with this family. I'm certain they still have many things to work through, as we all do. But I am so thankful for the point in which they have come over the last month.
"Before the Morning," written by Josh Wilson is an awesome song that relates to my situation. I just love this song! The opening chorus begins, ...."Do you wonder why you have to feel the things that hurt you? If there's a God who loves you, where is He now? Or maybe there are things you can't see and all those things are happening to bring a better ending." ...I didn't understand why we had to go through what we did, the pain of it particularly. But God loves us, and is faithful, even when we are not. He hears our prayers. His answers may not be our answers, our solutions, but He knows the "ending in sight," and what it will take to get us there.

I hope you will take a few moments to listen to the song, posted below. And if you would like to know the background behind the song, visit Josh Wilson's site, He wrote the song for two dear friends, and their story is amazing, to say the least!

"I have told you these things, so that you can have peace because of me. In this world you will have trouble. But cheer up! I have won the battle over the world." John 16:33

"...we trust God with our eternity, Him with our now." ~Paula Beal


  1. Hmmm, I've thought that very thing before..."we prayed and prayed and 'this' was the answer." Powerful post and I will be returning to listen to the video as soon as I get a spare moment.

  2. Rhonda, thank you so much for letting me know that you are okay. I know how hard life can be at times, but oh, aren't the good times wonderful?

    I'm happy to share your joy, and also happy to pray for you at all times.

  3. So glad to know that you are okay...perhaps, wearing some scars from what all has happened - but sounds like you are walking closer to God now.

    Chin up, chest out and praising God all the way.

    Love from Oklahoma


  4. What a BEAUTIFUL song!! Thanks for sharing it!♥

  5. I looked around a little and will be back to hear the song. These are the posts of your's that I love, posts that show me the real friend and real person you are. I love your faith and your trust in God. You strengthen me. Thanks dear friend. I'm glad too that it worked out for your friends. I believe with all my heart that Satan is out to destroy families in any way he can. God bless you for your prayers.

  6. Praise the Lord! I too struggle with giving it ALL over to the Lord - I think to myself, well surely He could use a little help, right? LOL! He is so good to us, even when we don't understand what is happening. It's all for our good and His glory! So happy for your family - thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Rhonda, I also took a long blogging break because I couldn't find the time and I wondered who really cared to read about my "boring" life. But, I've started again also.

    I am sorry that you have had such a difficult time lately. I know how that feels.

    I'm also deeply sorry to read about your dogs. We adopted a dog from a shelter last year and I can't imagine him not being in our lives.

    I am glad you are sharing this blog. I always enjoyed coming to read about your life.

    take care,

  8. I am so glad to find you again, Rhonda! I am glad you posted on your blog so that we could find you here. I'm so sorry you've been through this ordeal, but I know how big God is and how He can move when we pray. PTL!

    Sending you big hugs across the miles...


    Sheila :-)

    P.S. It's funny that I should find you tonight. God quickened you to my spirt, and I started thinking about all of your cute posts and how creative you are, etc. So I'm glad to find you here, my friend.


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