Luau/Wedding Shower at Our Lake House

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday evening, Kevin and I, along with several other couples from our church, hosted a Luau, Home and Garden Wedding Shower for Nikki  and TJ, who are scheduled to be married this September.   I was so thankful that after a week of really ugly weather, although the rain was much needed, the skies were sunny, clear, and beautiful! The event was held at our lake house.

Below, Guests beginning to arrive. Approximately 80-85 people attended.
(Pictures are in no particular order...)

The sign in the tree below reads..."We don't skinny dip, we chunky dunk!"

The guests of honor, Nikki and TJ.

The guests line up for a dinner of barbeque, slaw, baked barbeque'd potatoes, baked beans, and rolls.

Ashley with Isaac and Ivan...

Just noticed below, our Pastor is the only one with a plate of desserts! :) Can't blame him, they were all delicious!
Dessert Table...

This was Nikki and TJ's first wedding shower. They were very blessed with a multitude of wonderful gifts!

I didn't take near the pictures I would have liked. I only managed to get one of my own children, just Ashley. But I had the perfect excuse, getting caught up in fellowship with family and friends!

Thursday, I will post the recipes of the three desserts I provided, including the Italian Creme Cake, below!
Best Wishes to TJ and Nikki! They have a firm foundation, which is Christ Jesus! I pray they will build on that, together, and the blessings will graciously abound! ~Rhonda :)

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