NC Pecan Harvest Festival Cooking Contest & Holiday Recipe Blog Hop Lineup

Monday, November 14, 2016

I have a confession, something that not many other than my family knows about me... I am a competition cooking shows junkie.  Maybe a tad strange...  for the irony is, it seems I cook less and less these days, due in part to my conflicting work schedule and commute! Currently, I'm following the Holiday Baking Championship. 

Last year, my friend, Julia, and I were junking in Raleigh, NC.  We were traveling a back alley looking for a shop, and all of the sudden I let out of holler.  Nearly gave Julia a heart attack, as she slammed on breaks, only to find that my screams were excitement from having spotted a Pho Nomenal Dumpling Food Truck.  They were winners of the Food Network's 2015 Great Food Truck Race.

The first weekend of every November, our little town of Whiteville, NC, dedicates Friday and Saturday to celebrating the pecan.   The 24th Annual NC Pecan Harvest Festival includes a cooking contest.  I've never entertained the idea of participating, but this year, decided I would.  Thought it would be fun, living out my love for cooking competitions... "mark that one off the ol' bucket list!"  I poured over recipes and strategically planned for months.  

The contest was open to adults and youth, with 4 adult categories and 1 for youth.  Each entry would be judged by flavor 40%, appearance 20%, creative use of pecans 20%, texture 10%, and ease of recipe 10%.  Three top places would be awarded cash prizes, as well as a Grand Prize Overall Winner, Best Presentation, and Best Use of Pecans. The most important criteria of the contest, the entries had to include at least 1 cup of pecans.

I have to admit, when I went to set up my entry early on Saturday morning, I was a little intimidated by some the of the foods presented.  They looked so tasty, and were beautifully displayed.

Sharing some of the foods and a few recipes, in no particular order or category...

Hope you'll drop back in Wednesday for my entry for the contest, and I'll reveal how I placed. {Did I mention the prizes were cash!  :)} They'll be a story behind the recipe I can't wait to tell!  ;)  I'll be sharing, as I participate in The Holiday Recipe Blog Hop, hosted by Carol, of Blue Sky Kitchen Blog. Carol hails from Texas, and one of her many talents is cooking! The hop starts today, and is off to a great start with Carol's stunning Pecan Rum Tart.. certain to please your guests at Thanksgiving Dinner.







See you Wednesday!
In the meantime, be sure to check out the delicious recipes from the bloggers above!


  1. Beautiful food, can't wait to see your recipe, Rhonda!

  2. What fun! Such a delight to just see all the creative pecan dishes served up, and it will be worth coming back for a visit to see what your recipe was :) Happy to meet you today!

  3. Hi Rhonda, all of that food looks so good! You are making me hungry just looking at it. Take care and enjoy the week and holiday. Julie xo

  4. Hi Rhonda, WOW ~~ now I'm hungry!! All the dishes look so delicious!! Love the soup and anything with pecans is fabulous! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the week of recipes shared. xo

  5. Rhonda, these dishes look amazing! How exciting to participate in a competition! Can't wait to read your story!

  6. Oh Rhonda, I can see why this won! I looked at all the ingredients and the photo of your cookies and had to pin it! I've got to make these and share with others.


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