Porch Sitting at The Lake

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cute story...
Like a bolt of lightning, pretty girls have hit my 17 year old son's radar.
So much so, that he recently started a diet,
...to shape up and get buff ...for the girls.  ;)

On a recent trip to the grocers, I bought a few low cal snacks for him
that included Pretzel Crisps.

The other day while walking through the kitchen 
David grabbed a pack of Lance Nekot Crackers from the pantry.

I questioned his choice, to which he responded,
 "yea, between these and Pretzel Crisps to snack on, this diet isn't too bad."

Whoa... Nekot Crackers...
"No, son," I said, "Nekots are not low cal!"

His response...
"Well, you're always on a diet {true, but sadly with no results},
and you eat a pack of crackers every morning for breakfast,
I thought they were fine."
And bless his heart, he'd been eating a pack a day!

So not to bash Nekots, I do love them,
but the crackers I eat are Toastys... certainly not exactly diet friendly,
but not as detrimental as a pack of Nekots.

This made me wonder,
do we realize just what an influence we have on others
 ...their likes, and even dislikes,
as we exhibit and express our likes, and dislikes? 

How often do our actions and preferences act as a catalyst for others'?

I adored my grandmothers,
and find myself over time, becoming more and more like them.

My Grandmother B loved most any flower.
She and her sister, Aunt Esther, particularly favored African Violets.

Aunt Esther was THE African Violet Whisperer,
raising beautiful, healthy ones, two and three times the size of the one pictured.

Almost as popular in the eighties as the flashing Blue Light Specials,
African Violets could be found at the entrance of our local Kmart
 for around two bucks or less.
We were always on the look-out for a new color.

After they seemed to vanish decades ago,
last week, tucked between Orchids and Maidenhair ferns,
were these sweet little, delicate blooms.

Oh happy day, I had to have one!

My grandmother loved them,
and I loved them... maybe because she loved them so.
And they made me think of her... fond memories!

And doesn't it look pretty in the vintage white pottery piece
on the newly spruced back porch at the lake house?

Paired the violet with a bundle of Alstroemeria
 placed in my most recent white milk glass find, an unique footed vase.

My daughter found the cute monogrammed wood whale hanging
at Carolina Pottery.

Vibrant goldfish pillows (Walmart $5!)
blend well with new
  orange and white geometric printed chair cushions (HomeGoods)!

Sign getting a little weathered,
but it's just too cute and whimsical to retire!

"We don't skinny dip
we chunky dunk!"

Thanks for visiting,
 and joining me on the porch for just a few minutes!

Glad to be back blogging after a two week break.
I've got several more lake house living posts to share,
...coming up soon!  :)

Want to take a peek inside...


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  1. Hello Rhonda, wow you have the prettiest porch. I love the pillows and chairs and the flowers are gorgeous. My mom used to have them too when I was growing up. I hope you enjoyed your break and welcome back. Hope you have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  2. Rhonda, I never really thought about African violets and the 80s but you are right! My mom always had them lining the kitchen window sills. I can not get them to bloom and gave up long ago!

    Your lakehouse looks like a wonderful place to hang out. I just might need a couple of those fishy pillows to go out on our patio by the pond. :)

    Totally understand about sons and diets. We go from eating fruit and chicken ONLY to fried chicken from fast food restaurants. You never know.

  3. Rhonda, I hope you enjoyed your blogging break, good to have you back! Love your porch, it is so inviting! The story about your son is too funny! Happy Monday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. LOVE the fish pillows! I can't believe you found them at Walmart, I have seen similar ones online for $149!! I remember when my son was in HS and he started eating saltines for his "diet" motivated by love, ha! Your porch looks so bright and welcoming and sweet thoughts about your grandmothers...I often wonder what my grandchildren will remember about me...probably a laptop computer with an apple on it!

  5. It's true that other eyes are always watching us! Nothing like a little pressure! Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Hi Rhonda! Stopping by to take a look at your gorgeous porch! I adore your pillows! ;)

  7. Oh, that porch! It's perfection! I love everything about it! Had a chuckle about your son's diet. I can see my son doing something very similar!

  8. What a wonderful porch. I know where I'd spend all my time. Your Walmart pillows are perfect with the chair cushions. $5 ~ really? What a find! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Looks very inviting. I'm semi-retired and all I want at this point is a porch!

  10. What a wonderful spot to sit and make memories!

  11. So lovely, I would never want to leave! Thanks for linking up to the Talk of the Town party!

  12. Hey Rhonda I too love me some porch sitting, and yours is so inviting, love the colors. And got a tickle about son dieting. The African violets bring back such lovely memories.

  13. Hey Rhonda I too love me some porch sitting, and yours is so inviting, love the colors. And got a tickle about son dieting. The African violets bring back such lovely memories.

  14. Ohhh that lightening bolt! I have had one hit me too with my son! Where does the time go? Love your front porch! Those goldfish pillows are so cute!! I'm sure you and your son will have lots of chats on your warm and inviting porch in times ahead! :-)

  15. I love this quirky, fun mix of colors...just feels like summer. I have chosen your post as one of my featured faves from last week's Thursday Favorite Things. I will be featuring you in my Thursday post!


  16. Rhonda, We don't have a front porch, but have a backyard patio and garden. I'd love to visit your porch. Enjoyed your musings. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

  17. Oh, how I would love to sit in one of those rockers and just while away the day - porch sitting is so relaxing! I recently purchased the same exact table as your aqua painted one, and was undecided whether to paint it aqua or white - now definitely going aqua - it looks amazing in that color - thanks for sharing, you helped me big time!

  18. Wish I was on the porch at your lake house now, it looks heavenly!

  19. Such a lovely porch - perfect for long summer days, dreaming or reading or chatting with family and friends.

    Such a cute story about your son -- I had to chuckle as my son had to do the opposite! He is extremely tall and thin and tried to put on a few pounds in his senior year to avoid the skinny jokes. He would run every day into my bathroom to see if he gained a pound! Now that he's in college, he's over it. ;)

    Happy summer, Rhonda!


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