Florence - Do I love it???

Thursday, November 1, 2012

And no,
I don't mean...

Florence, Italy...
{in my dreams, I wish! "smiles" }

or even Florence, SC!

I'm talking about
Annie Sloan
FLORENCE Chalk Paint!

I couldn't have been anymore excited than an itty bitty kid on Christmas Morn,
when I opened this brand new can of turquoise beauty.

paint and pretty fabrics really do "float my boat,"
just that much! ha!

first up to get a new AS Florence makeover
was this Windsor Chair
purchased at an auction a few weeks ago.

The chair was in great shape,
other than the seat!
What a shame!

But the most wonderful thing about a little paint,
it can cover a multitude of sins!

After painting and distressing the chair,
the jury is still out...

I'm not hating the color,
but I'm not sure I'm loving it either.

 it's just a little
too bold for my taste.

it would be most fabulous when used as an accent POP color
in a room of neutrals.

Or maybe, 
the color would be better suited for a more solid piece,
rather than the open, airy spindle chair.

It'll be interesting how well it sells in my booth!

And then maybe this particular color is just better suited
for smaller pieces.

I do love how it transformed the old shabby wood frame below,
making a beautiful and interesting surround for the chalkboard.

I suppose it's all about what you're comfortable with,
{personal preference}
...how outside of the box you prefer to go.

I've been commissioned to paint a pair of chairs in Florence,
that will be partially covered in black and white damask fabric.
I think that will a quite striking combination!

So, jury of readers...
What do you think?
Yay or Nay for Florence???

On another note,
blogger friend, Kelly, @ Coastal Cottage Dreams
has gone into the candle making business!

Go on over if you'd like to learn more about her candles,
and enter into a drawing for some of her wonderful product!

Run... don't walk...
the drawing will be held at 5:00 pm Friday, November 2nd!

Wishing Kelly much success with the candles


...One last thing,

My prayers go out to all those who were in the path of Sandy!
My heart is burdened for them, and all that so many have lost!


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  1. I love that color, but I love turquoise. In terms of you, do you think if you cut it with some white, you might like it a little better? Like a breath of turquoise? A hint? I bet you that chair sells, though.

    I'm with you on the storm. They are all on my heart.



  2. What a pretty color and it looks great on your chair!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I think the chair looks very pretty with the throw and the pillow!

  4. Great color, Rhonda! I think it all comes down to where you place it. I love it with the pillow and throw.

  5. I think it's a great color Very pretty on the chair.

  6. At last there is a dealer selling these paints in my corner...I don't think I'll be purchasing Florence, but it really looks beautiful all decked out and toned down with a pillow and a throw. How did the paint work? Good coverage? Easy to use?

  7. I love the color but, like you, it may be too bold itself but would be wonderful as an accent piece. I'm loving your chalk paint and the beautiful colors that are in it. Glad Sandy missed you. Our hearts and prayers have been going out to all those affected by the storm too.

  8. The color is pretty. I think it would be pretty for a bedside table. The chalkboard thing is really awesome.

  9. It's a pretty color but I wouldn't have anywhere to put it. It would look great on a sun porch at the beach. Maybe when I win the lottery, I'll come find it. Now to buy a ticket

  10. Like you, I'm conflicted about Florence. But I do think it looks pretty on your chair and the chalkboard.

    Given the choice, though, I'd always go with Duck Egg or Provence over Florence. It's just a little too bright. My friend, Kristen likes to tone it down with a white glaze. I may try that myself.

    And you were brave to paint a Windsor chair. All those spindles. I'm shuddering just thinking about all the work.

    -- Amy


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