Corn Huskin' 2012 - A College Tradition

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seniors on the Balcony of Johnson Hall

This past weekend,
David, Wesley, and myself joined Ashley, and hundreds others to participate 
in a time-honored tradition at Meredith College,
Corn Huskin'.

Since Meredith is an all-girl's college,
without football or men's basketball
there isn't a traditional Homecoming, per-say,
other than Corn Huskin'.

Following a week of activities on campus,
family and friends of the girls are invited to come on Friday
to celebrate and take part in a string of festivities.

Having graduated from a larger university,
I never experienced the camaraderie as the girls of Meredith .
The sisterhood and sense of community is so rich!

First up,
a parade around campus...

The Crowd awaits the Parade

Dr. Jo Allen,
The President of Meredith College
and First Meredith Alumna to lead Meredith, below (left side)...

Each class was represented in the Parade.
Ashley's Class of 2015, below...

Don't these girls just look super excited!?!
They were! :)

They cheered, hollared, clapped, and sang their hearts out!

Ashley in the procession, below...

Each class had a theme.
The sophomore class's was Freaky Friday 
and most were wearing their "Freaky Friday" Sweats.

The Seniors had different entries in the parade,
as did various companies/stores from the surrounding community...

Remember this cute cow,
I have a little story about her at the end of the post..

Sweet Frog Yogurt Shop

Lilly P. Jeep

Can't possibly have a parade without a slew of Fire Trucks!

After the parade, the Senior Class gathered on the balconies of Johnson Hall
and were serenaded by the underclassmen.

I teared up ...just a little,
how sweet! :)

And there's my Meredith Angel, below,
wearing monogrammed jeans and pearls with her sweatshirt!

Have I trained her well, or not???  ha!

Ashley and her room mate, Ashley...

Ironically, they live across the hall from two Kayla's in a room, (I believe are their names!).

Ashley, Ashley, and best friend, Chelsea...

A special luncheon was held for the attending alumni,
on the grounds by the Chapel.

Wanted to include a few shots...
I thought the tables were so pretty dressed with the burlap cloths. 

The Tradition continued that evening,
as each class had a program, a short skit and dance,
and the classes competed against each other in 
Corn Shuckin',
Apple Bobbin',
and Hog Callin'.

{Disclosure: No live piggies were used in the Hog Callin' Contest! ha!}

Spectators surrounding the Amphitheater 

And boy, 
for such a pretty day, it sure did get frigid in Raleigh
when the sun went down!

The festivities concluded around 10 pm, with a breakfast in the BDH
{Belk Dining Hall}.

The meal was delicious!
Ashley said they were just showing off for the parents,
that usually it wasn't, and everything tasted the same ...all three meals of the day! ha!

On Saturday,
Ashley and I decided to take advantage of the traveling Broadway Production,
Jersey Boys,
live at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Phenomenal  performance,
and if you live in the Raleigh area and haven't seen it, 
I highly recommend it!
{except for children, language was rough...}

...Playing through November 18th.

The music, singing/acting, and script was amazing!

There was so much we wanted to do over the weekend,
but unfortunately ran out of time.

The remainder of our stay was spent eating, yard'saling,
going to the State Fairgrounds Flea Market,
and combing the malls for THE perfect basketball shoes for David.

Whoever said girls were particular when shopping,
has never been with a 14 year old boy shopping for tennis shoes! ha!

We made a Target run on Saturday morning,
and I stumbled upon the deer head, below. I was ecstatic!

I strapped him in the seat for the ride home,
and threatened all passengers within an inch of their lives if they laid a finger on him! ha!

Can't wait to use him for Christmas!

So, back to the cow...
The Chick-fil-a Cow Mascot was in the Corn huskin' Parade,
and a really cute girl dressed in all pink was walking along with the Cow, 
 passing the little stuffed toys, below.

She singled David out, making a beeline in the crowd and asked if he'd like one.
He'll be 14 at the end of the month, and pretty girls are suddenly on his radar! ha!

I guess you had to be there, but let's just say, he was pretty proud of his cow,
...from the pretty girl! :)

The cow gained a front window seat for the ride home ...per a smitten young guy!

...And is now resting in a bowl of oranges in the kitchen.

I'm thinking of starting a new tradition.

Instead of Elf of the Shelf...
I think we'll search for the Cow everyday
...see where he turns up!

Hey, it'll save me $29.99,
...those little elves are kind of costly! ha!


  1. Looks like one fun weekend! Your daughter is a doll! Gotta love a girl who wears pearls with a sweatshirt.

  2. Sounds like a fun and crazy weekend. How nice to be able to spend it with your family!

    We saw the Jersey Boys production about six months ago and it was really good. I loved all of the music.


  3. HI Rhonda! Oh, this looks like so much fun and your daughter is so beautiful! Oh, I loved Jersey Boys. We got to see it in New York about a year ago and it was wonderful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. What an awesome day! And the Jersey boys too. My Dad saw the show in NY. He actually was friend with Frankie Valley back in the day when he was a nobody. He had some stories to tell me for sure.

  5. Looks like such a fun time!!! Loved seeing the pics!



  6. What a great post - I felt like I was right there with you!!!
    Sounds like a blast :)

  7. Corn Huskin' looks like a great tradition to me. Thanks for sharing so we could all enjoy the fun.

  8. I think the cow beats the elf out anyday! He is adorable and what a fun story. What a wonderful event. The smallness of the college makes the friendships so wonderful. Sounds like a great time.

  9. What a fun, fun weekend and an ego booster for David! Love the idea of treating him like an elf on the shelf. This could be fun for the whole family. Maybe he could show up at Kevin's work one day to give him a smile or two! You got me with the deer head too. How big is it actually? Ashley sure looks like she's loving college and having the time of her life!

  10. I am sooooo behind on reading my blogs. You brought back great memories for me with Cornhuskin'! So glad y'all could come up and be a part of it all!


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