Autumn Break

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Taking a short blogging break!

Going to be enjoying "Autumn" at it's finest!

Lord willing, will be back to blogging this weekend! :)

How beautifully leaves grow old.

How full of light and color are their last days.

~John Burroughs


  1. Enjoy your break Rhonda. That's what I like about the notion "Blogging Without Obligation." The picture is lovely. Kathi

  2. Enjoy the break! Thanks for your encouraging words about Kaje'. She definitely makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes. Just wait until you see what she wants on her wedding quilt! It's so her and Jake. I'm appliqueing it on when I get to that point. I haven't even cut it out yet. So much to do and honestly so very little time. I have the girls all day today and I can never get anything done with them here. They're just too little to leave alone in a room but I do love playing with them and laughing at their antics. Larry says we're going to have to talk to Brianna though bz every day off for the past couple of months we've had them for most of the day and we honestly do have a ton to do, even just the normal fall stuff and winterizing things. Sigh....what to do, what to do! I think I'll let Larry handle that one. Hope you're doing something fun during your break too.

  3. Hope you have been enjoying your break! :)

  4. Fall is wonderful, do enjoy it!! Still wondering where you got the monogram letters for the pumpkins in the post before this? Thanks! :)


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